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Maroubra surfers win Queenscliff Milo Gromtag battle...


Queenscliff Beach

6th March 2004

Maroubra Surfers Win the

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 March 2004: - - Maroubra Board Riders club have won the Inaugural MILO GROMTAG Junior Team Surfing Event held in atrocious conditions at Sydney’s Queenscliff beach on Saturday.

With 30km Easterly winds blowing and in heavy rain the five junior Maroubra surfers held off the local Queenscliff team in the Final to post the highest score of the day (101.4) earning them the $1000 winners cheque.

The standout for Maroubra was Blake Thornton who scored the highest three-wave combination of the event during the final, a massive 28.8 points out of a possible 40. Thornton was well backed up by his teammates that included Luke Northey (16), Jack Lewis (18.5), Evan Faulks (16.1) and Rooster Adams (18).

Queenscliff finished in second place on 94.3 with Merewether third (71.7) and Scarborough fourth (71.3). Queenscliff’s best was Sam Page who scored 24.3 in the final, earlier in the day Page scored a combination of 28 points in Semi Final No.2 only to be out done by Thornton in the Final for the highest three wave combination of the event. Merewether’s best in the final was Dean Bertsos (19) with Daniel Allen (20.3) leading the charge for Scarborough.

With five surfers under the age of twenty representing each club the Maroubra surfers handled the MILO GROMTAG format with ease and due to excellent time allocation lead the one hour Final from start to finish with the BRA’S fifth surfer Rooster Adams returning to the TAG area well before the other teams fifth surfers to secure the four bonus points on offer for finishing under the time limit. The young Queenscliff team had some great individual scores but ran out of time with fifth surfer Ben Hamilton only having 7 minutes to catch his three waves, this proved the difference between the BRA and QBC with Hamilton scoring 10.7 for QBC and Adams 18 for the BRA.

After winning semi Final No.1 the Merewether team where unable to come up with the big scores during the Final to match Maroubra and Queenscliff finishing on 71.7. Scarborough started off well but when third surfer Daniel Allen took 19 minutes to catch his three waves it left only 13 minutes for the Scarborough team’s final two surfers to catch their allocated waves.

The Avoca club where unlucky in semi final No.2 narrowly missing out on a finals birth by only 0.8 with Avalon a further 2.5 points behind to finish fourth in Semi two. QBC 95.5, Maroubra 80, Avoca, 79.2, Avalon 76.7. In Semi one Norah Head finished in third spot with Newport fourth.
Merewether 86.8, Scarborough 74, Norah Head 69.7, Newport 68.


1. Maroubra 101.4 $1000

2. Queenscliff 94.3 $500

3. Merewether 71.7 $300

4. Scarborough 71.3 $200

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