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Master watershots with XSories U-Float, Stuffler & Big U-Shot

$24.99 - $64.99

We like playing in water and we love to film this but watching your camera sink isn’t much fun. U-Float is perfect for capturing your story in on or around the water. The silicone grip retains its tackiness when wet while the adjustable neoprene strap holds it tight against your palm.

Silicone grip
1/4” universal screw
Ergonomic design – feel what direction the camera is pointing
Bright colours – easy to spot
Camera tether loop
Extra silicone screw washer
Dimensions: 165x45x38mm / 8.19x2.28x1.50 inches
Weight: 68g / 0.149 lb
Materials: ABS PE Silicone Neoprene
Max. Load: 1kg / 2.20 lb
Max. Floatable load: ~200g / 0.44 lb
INCLUDED: Adjustable neoprene strap 2 silicone screw washers Camera tether loop Important To avoid sinking happiness as you watch your camera go down we recommend testing your desired action camera set-up will actually float before heading out into the water. Not suitable for scuba-diving.



Stuffler 23L
Stuffler keeps your gear dry when you aren’t. Rain or shine, mountain or ocean, new-found paradise or just drifting about town, keep on going no matter the weather or path. It’s the perfect partner for your journey to and through the great outdoors.

Technical Specifications
Extremely water-resistant duffle bag
Mesh outer pocket with drawtring closure
Roll-top closure with Fastex Clip
Durable PVC coated tarpaulin
Two internal pockets for smart devices & other essentials
Dimensions: 9.34x27.56 inches
Capacity: 23 L
Materials: PVC, nylon, tarpaulin
Included: adjustable shoulder strap
Colorways: blue, orange, yellow



XS Combo Big U-Shot / CordCam Wrist
The special pack ‘’Big U-Shot + CordCam’’ has been designed to achieve new angles while keeping your camera secure, whatever the conditions, whether you’re surfing or skiing. Thanks to the 1/4” universal screw, you can connect any type of compact camera in a fast and secure way. Big U-Shot is easy to carry and quickly adjustable to the desired length. Available in various models.

Cord Cam Leash
Record securely in the most extreme conditions. Inspired by the surf leash, the cord cam is adaptable to all kinds of cameras thanks to a universal 1/4" screw thread. It features a Velcro closure, an inner pocket for your keys and a stretchable, ultra resistant urethane cord

Big U-Shot
Weight: 140g / 0.308 lb
Dimensions: 290-940 mm / 11.42-37.01 inches
Max. load: 3kg / 6.61 lb
Materials: aluminium, plastic, foam

Cord Cam Leash
Weight: 57g / 0.125 lb
Min. diameter: 60 mm / 2.36 inches
Cord length: 220 mm / 8.66 inches
Materials: neoprene, Velcro, urethane, metal



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