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Matt Biolos on Round 2 Mayhem at the Hurley Pro

Kolohe Andino © ASP / Kirstin

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The World Tour's 'It' shaper chews his nails through Round Two clashes

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 September, 2012 : - - I dont like R2. I couldn't get myself to go down, so I set the computer up in my office and worked 'till the last heat featuring some one on a Mayhem. Hurricane surf was the call. and for those who don't surf Trestles often, hurricane waves are not the best for us here. The waves become very shifty and range from flat faced and short shoulders to walled up , bouncy section, close outs. The lefts tend to get pretty weak and bend 'out to sea", compacting the crowds onto the rights. Thats what the guys dealt with today.

First up was Julian vs Jadson. I was actually relieved to see Jads chose not to use the board I made him for this heat..If he beat Jules on it, I would feel like shit. Jadsons radical and effective, yet erratic , surfing just isn't as easy on the eyes as JWs….and his grab rail airs don't get viewed as highly as Julians grab free rotations. That was the difference. JW chose a different board today than yesterday and, although he rode very few waves…(sitting for an almost absurd 20 minutes) his rail work/carves, wraps, airs and transtions in and out of them all were seamless and with no extra motion whatsover. Very clean and relaxed. I was proud.

Then came Kolohe. Talk about proud. This kid did about everything you can do on a surfboard ('cept a rodeo flip) in this heat. Fanningesue wraps, fin free blow tails, Dane Renolds inspired grab rail coping disasters and technical, above the lip airs…wave after wave, garnering multiple high mid range scores. Only to be put out by a Hector Alves hail Mary double grab. Kolohe followed the criteria to a fault….surfed radically , with no holding back and the judges saw it differently. I was dejected. To see each wave, go to and check out the On Demand…Pay close attn to Hectors 5.5, compared to Kolohes mid 6.rides..not even in the same sport…sorry.

Check the heats on demand here


Adam Melling posted the day's highest score © ASP / Rowland


Then we had the surprise highlight of the day. Adam Melling was inspiring, and his surfing in R2 (featuring a 9.7, highest scoring ride of the day) really was the talk on the beach this afternoon. He was riding the same Driver, with a slightly pulled in Nose and tail, but after watching all his waves on demand, I think we could add back a bit more resistance to the tail…. actually.

Finally, Brett Simpson and Kieren Perrow. Brett rode the same 5'11 WhiplashTB Grovel that I posted on Instagram and KP, in true cowboy fasion grabbed two new boards about 12pm, raced to lowers with them and paddled straight out into his heat on one of them (I think it was an F1stub). KP couldnt get things going till really late in the heat and eventually got a great ride after the buzzer…But Simpo surfed great on wave after waves, getting multiple good scores and looked both powerful and free, combining old school power and flair, with fin free and footloose lip work. He walks through to R3.



Source: Mayhem

Author: Matt Biolos

Tags: Hurley Pro, Lost Surfboards, Kolohe Andino, Brett Simpson, Jadson Andre

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