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Maud Le Car

St. Martin, French Caribbean
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Born in 1994, on St. Martin in the French Caribbean, Maud Le Car is a popular French surfer, artist, and model. With a powerful forehand, this creative regular footer placed 7th in the ASP World Junior Rankings in 2011, and 3rd in the ASP Europe Pro Junior Rankings in 2012, with a notable win at WAHRLD Pro Junior in Spain.

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Maud Le Car & Joan Duru perform at Zarautz Pro
8 May, 2016 - INTERVIEWS: Maud Le Car is a popular French surfer, artist, and model from St. Martin in the Caribbean. She’s artistic (frequently showing up at...
5 April, 2016 - TEAM: Australia's QS season kicked off with the first of two QS6000 events and Maud was there with boyfriend Joan Duru. What Jack...
4 February, 2016 - VIDEO: Maud Le Car announced the launch of her latest webisode in the popular Follow the Maud series. In this, the third episode for 2016, ‘...
15 January, 2016 - WSL QS: The World Surf League Qualifying Series Shoe City Pro QS1000 finished competition today in consistent four-to-six foot, rebuilding...
9 June, 2014 - CONTESTS: Just as they did last year at the same time, Joan Duru from Landes and the Caribbean Maud Le Car participated in the Coupe de France....
16 May, 2014 - INDUSTRY: In five years the brand SeventyOne Percent has become the French cosmetics reference for surfers and for all ex­treme sports lovers....


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