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Maurice Cole design mojo hits the States

Tom Curren on a Maurice Cole design © Tom Servais

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Lost Surfboards teams up with Maurice Cole for new range

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 February, 2013 : - - Matt Biolos, of …lost International, has announced a new partnership with legendary surfboard designer Maurice Cole. Matt and his crew are planning to bring Maurice’s high powered design genius to a US audience for the first time in a generation.

Cole, who lives and shapes at Bells Beach in Australia, is renowned as one of the world’s great surfer-shapers whose designs are go-to craft for some of the world’s most selective and committed surfers. His boards have won ASP WCT events under the feet of Tom Curren, Kelly Slater and Taj Burrow, and turned the big wave experience upside down for the likes of Ross-Clarke-Jones and former “Eddie” champion Noah Johnson.

He is also a dramatic innovator, who pioneered reverse vee design with Curren in the early ‘90s, before developing his superconcave Metro and Pro-tow boards with the help of RCJ’s tow charging feedback. “From his days as a competitor, to the first Reverse Vee, to his work with so many tour surfers, the tow revolution and beyond, Maurice casts a tall shadow over the last generation of surfers,” says Biolos.

"Perhaps the biggest benefit of my chosen profession is that though the years it has occasionally afforded me the opportunity to work closely with some of the greatest and most influential surfers and surfboard designers of all time. Like MR (with his twins) and Simons (with his Thruster), MC’s designs, personal surfing exploits and his relationships with the top athletes of the era, are all legendary and culturally important.”

He goes on to explain how the collab came about while surfing Lower Trestles this fall. “I asked MC to make for me one of his current ‘Metro-3’ models. A radical beast with nearly 3/4" of concave under foot, and after riding it during one Lowers session together, I realized this man is not only still shaping and surfing (ripping), but still pushing design boundaries as hard as ever. On the walk back up the trail that afternoon, we hatched this collaboration…away we go!"

…lost will manufacture and distribute a seminal MC range throughout the continental US,  including MC’s most influential designs, the classic Reverse Vee (or EEV), as well as his latest and most progressive Metro and Pro-tow superconcave series.

A launch party, and reception with be held in San Clemente, at Catalyst Surfshop (1755 N. El Camino Real) on Friday, Feb 22nd at 5pm. MC will be in attendance with a selection of his new and classic range of of designs, as well as a few of his original, iconic boards from the past.

Source: Maurice Cole

Author: The Editors

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