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Mav's competition will GO Friday on same swell as The Eddie

Zach Wormhoudt & Peter Mel (white jersey) © Mavericks Invitational



Titans of Mavericks

Mavericks, Half Moon Bay California
1 November - 31 March 2016

Very distant, but impressive swell forecast for Friday's event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 February, 2016 - The Titans of Mavericks has been called on for this Friday, a mere two days after the Eddie is set to run at Waimea Bay. The 24 surfers got the call Tuesday afternoon and will now scramble to get to Half Moon Bay by Friday. Some of the invited surfers will also be competing in the Eddie event at Waimea Bay on Wednesday.

The Mavericks contest window is open Nov. 1 through March 31. Surfline has forecast the swell to start out at 12 feet at 18 seconds on Friday and then peak at 16 feet at 16 seconds later that day.

"The same storm that produced the swell that will impact Hawaii, and the Eddie Aikau event, on Wed/Thur will build into Northern California for the end of the week,” said Surfline forecaster Kevin Wallis. 

“The thing that we really like about this storm is the size and strength, with satellite observed wind of 40-65 knots and seas of 50 feet. The thing we don’t like so much, specifically for Mav's is that it will basically fizzle once it moves past Hawaii, with the strongest wind/seas having occurred around 2000-2400 miles from California.”

"For a truly giant swell we’d like the storm to be about half that distance from the break. That is going to limit size a little bit, although we still expect a fairly solid swell and generally favorable conditions, just down a few notches from the most recent epic swell.”  

The "recent epic swell" Wallis mentions was February 4th in what many are calling “The Day of the Decade.”  The contest did not run because the swell hit on a blackout date due to the area’s strained resources (fire, police, etc.) during the Superbowl.

The event has gone through a number of changes and most recently had a very public falling out with the World Surf League. WSL Big Wave Tour surfers Peter Mel and Grant 'Twiggy' Baker, who've both won the event previously, were not invited this year. 

Currently organising the event is Cartel Management who acquired the Mavericks Invitational last summer, becoming the fourth Maverick’s contest organizer in the past six years and the fifth since the first contest was planned in 1998-99. 

2015/16 Titans of Mavericks official heat draw 

Carlos Burle 
Ryan Seelbach 
Derek Dunfee 
Anthony Tashnick 
Jamie Mitchell
Colin Dwyer 

Chris Bertish 
Jamie Sterling 
Kohl Christensen 
Ken Collins 
Mark Healey 
Tyler Fox 

Zach Wormhoudt 
Ben Wilkinson 
Shane Desmond 
Nathan Fletcher 
Rusty Long 
Alex Martins 

Nic Lamb 
Dave Wassell 
Grant Washburn 
Greg Long 
Ryan Augenstein 
Shane Dorian

Titans of Mavericks, Mavericks, Carlos Burle Ryan Seelbach, Ben Wilkinson Shane Desmond Nathan Fletcher, Rusty Long, Alex Martins, Derek Dunfee, Anthony Tashnick, Jamie Mitchell, Colin Dwyer
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