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Maxime Huscenot explores a tour full of opportunity



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Working on your WQS seed can works | francaise

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 January, 2014 - The French surfer starts his season in Hawaii at the Volcom Pipe Pro, a 5-star WQS contest. Maxime explains his decision to start in the North Pacific, reviews this past season, talks about his goals and tells he's satisfied by the new WCT qualification system.

How did you end the 2013 season : Happy or frustrated ?
I'm happy because of my evolution and improvement in 2013. I've been really consistent and got a bunch of good scores over 8 points last year. It was one of my main goals. It allowed me to climb to 53rd on the world rankings, which put me in a good position to start the 2014 season.

How was your feeling on Portugal's waves after this 3 weeks break at home Reunion Island ?
It was nice to go back out after such a break. I love Portugal, I joined Nicolas Von Rupp and Frederico Morais, it was cool to meet again. I didn't get dream conditions like last year but found something to surf everyday.

Why starting your season in Hawaii ? 
I love Hawaii, waves are powerfull, there is nowhere else in the world like there. The surf level is really high and the tropical weather allows you to surf all day long. I wanted to surf reef breaks and ride big boards to get back my lines and feel a little like in Réunion. There is also the privilege to surf Pipeline with only 3 other guys out. This has no price !



What is you goal this season : improve your ranking or get your qualification for the WCT ? 
I'm happy to see that ASP announced a change to qualify. They separated WCT and WQS results wich should balance the tour. It's a good opportunity to grab and I'll give my best for it.

This change (only 5 WQS results counted to qualify) should see more renewal in the elite, shouldn't it ?
Yes, it's a good thing they realize it. The qualification was way too closed before and this should open the WCT gate a little widely. But there is still to win WCT surfers that will come to get their points if needed. However, the top 10 at the end of the year will deserved their qualification.

Did you make noticable changes for 2014 : boards, equipment, nutrition, physical training, moves...? 
Yes, I try to improve everything you mentionned to progress. I found the board dimensions that fit my surf but board shape is a constant work to find the magic board. It will be easier work with Euroglass team, I really trust in. My physical training is still with Yannick Beven. On the other hand, I took nutrition lessons with my sister Laura wich is Sport coach and nutritionist-dietetician in Reunion island to better eat and hydrate. I also work  on a couple of move I will try early in the season to see what happens.

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