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Maykol Torres wins Copa Fox, on the hunt for Costa Rican title

Maykol Torres © Alfredo Barquero



Circuito Nacional Olympus Copa FOX

Circuito Nacional Olympus Stop 6
Playa Jacó, Costa Rica
17 - 18 May, 2014

Maykol Torres & Nataly Bernold on point in Jacó | Español

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 May, 2014 - Maykol Torres has now won three contests this season with his latest win at the Copa Fox in Jacó, Costa Rica.

The surfer from Esterillos Oeste has proven that he is one of the top threats in competition with his ability to combine airs with powerful turns.

Although he came down with a fever on Friday, Torres overcame his illness to compete in front of a crowd in favor of the hometown favorites: Jair Pérez. Isaac Vega y  Noe Mar McGonagle.

Nataly Bernold won in the Open Womens division over the strong surfing Leilani McGonagle (Pavones), and local favorites Lisbeth Vindas (Jacó), and Emily Gussoni (Jacó).



1. Maykol Torres (Esterillos Oeste)

2. Jair Pérez (Jacó)

3. Noe Mar McGonagle (Pavones)

4. Isaac Vega (Tamarindo)

Open Womens

1. Nataly Bernold (Limón)

2. Leilani McGonagle (Pavones)

3. Lisbeth Vindas (Jacó)

4. Emily Gussoni (Jacó)


1. Noe Mar McGonagle (Pavones)

2. León Glatzer (Pavones)

3. Juan Carlos Hernández (Jacó)

4. Michael Zaugg (Mal País)

Junior Womens

1. Paula Duarte (Jacó)

2. Emily Gussoni (Jacó)

3. Leilani McGonagle (Pavones)

4. Coral Wiggins (Tamarindo)


1. Aldo Chirinos (Playa Negra)

2. Malakai Martínez (Tamarindo)

3. Dennis Picado (Jacó)

4. Sean Forester (Sámara)


1. Adolfo Gómez (Sámara)

2. Anthony Flores (Jacó)

3. Alex Gómez (Sámara)

4. Rafael Rodríguez (Jacó)


1. Dean Vandewalle (Tamarindo)

2. Samuel Reidy (Pavones)

3. Neo Escaler (Jacó)

4. Cedric McCrakin (Puerto Viejo)

Minigrommet Girls

1. Valentina Ressano (Nicaragua)

2. Candelaria Ressano (Nicaragua)

3. Surgya Folger (Avellanas)

4. Olivia Barger (Herradura)

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