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Mercedes designs four surfboards for Nazaré

A sample of designs from the MBoard Project



Board Design

Mercedes designs rigidity/flexibility levels to make the waves at Nazaré

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 February, 2014 - The MBoard project developed jointly by Mercedes-Benz, BBDO Portugal and Garrett McNamara has generated enormous interest, in Portugal and abroad. This project was presented late January when Garrett McNamara returned to Portugal in order to challenge Nazaré once again. This time he came back with the additional purpose of testing four new surfboards developed specifically for the waves of Nazaré.  These surfboards have been developed over the last few months by Mercedes-Benz in partnership with its design and engineering centre in Stuttgart.  

During these last sessions in Nazaré in 2013, all the surfers were unanimous in understanding that in order to go further with their objectives they would need faster surfboards with different rigidity/flexibility levels and distribution of weights.  

Garrett, Mercedes-Benz, BBDO and Nazaré Qualifica launched the MBoard Project, which consisted of using the technology of the Daimler Group to find the most appropriate materials, the right aerodynamics and correct distribution of weights on the surfboard.  Various studies were made by Mercedes-Benz engineers, in partnership with Garrett McNamara and the new surfboards of the most famous surfer of the planet began to emerge over 4 months.

The board is weighted differently than traditional towboards


Since the project has always been coordinated by Mercedes-Benz in Portugal, the choice of the partners for the ''construction'' of these ''Silver Arrow of the seas'' fell on Portuguese companies.  Garrett, Mercedes-Benz and BBDO believed that this project would only make sense if it were planned, developed and subsequently implemented in Portugal. 

On this last 2 February, Garrett placed two of these boards in the water for the first time.  The ''Silver Arrow of the seas”, as it is already called, worked perfectly and the Hawaiian, on leaving the water merely commented: ''it is magic, it is the magic board''.

As of this day all the media in Portugal and in the world are trying to obtain more information on these new surfboards and on the possible speed achieved by Garrett with the new surfboard.  This and other issues, such as which companies were involved in Portugal, what materials were used, what technology was employed, etc., shall soon be disclosed.



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