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Mexico's Angelo Lozano tours through Cabo Blanco

Angelo Lozano : photo Kirfalens

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10-day tour with crew of Pasion Xtrema yields heaps of waves 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 November, 2010 : - - The Mexican surfer Angelo Lozano closed his Inca tour by getting barreled in the famous left at Cabo Blanco. After 10 days of touring the zone with the crew of Pasion Xtrema – Historias de Riders, program that airs for all of Latin America through Fox Sports, the Monster team rider had the opportunity to feel all off Cabo Blanco’s power.

“After the recordings with Diego Niembro (Pasión Xtrema Historias de Riders – FOX Sports) the highlight of the trip was to stay and surf the second swell of the year in Cabo Blanco. It was 3 very intense days sharing waves with many of the best peruvian surfers. It was hard to catch waves because the wave breaks at one particular spot which was very crowded since everyone in Peru wanted a piece of that swell.

Overall it was an amazing experience: this wave is incredible, one of the best I’ve surfed so far”, expressed Angelo to Surfpress back from his home in Puerto Escondido. According to Herbert Mulanovich´s memory, up to this point no aztec surfer had ridden a swell in this spot, wich was discovered by the writer Ernest Hemingway and first surfed by Sergio “Gordo” Barreda in the 70s.

In the next few days, Pasion Xtrema will air the episode in which Angelo appears surfing Mancor and Picinas alongside the brasilian Ernest Nunes and the recognized argentinian riders, brothers Leandro and Gerónimo Usuna.

On friday november 19, the “PXM SURF BICENTENARIO” will take place in Puerto Escondido. This is a traditional competition which brings together Mexico’s top surfers in the famous beach of Playa Zicatela.
“This event has happened in Puerto every year in November as far as I can remember. It might be the most representative in Mexico. When I was 11 it was for me not only a dream but a strong inspiration to picture myself standing in the podiums of this event, just like Raul Noyola did year after year. Now he is one of the organizers, and I am competing and trying to play a good role in it. Last year I came in second and the year before that I achieved the first place, which I am certainly pursuing this time as well”.

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