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Mick Fanning signing on with the Skullcandy surf team

Mick Fanning : photo courtesy Skullcandy

Team News 

Headphones are a part of Mick’s pre-heat rituals

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 March, 2010 : - - Skullcandy is pleased to announce the addition of two-time (2007 and 2009) and current ASP World Champion Mick Fanning to its elite family of athletes. Skullcandy will become a seamless part of Mick’s pre-heat rituals by providing the highest quality of audio for the reigning champ as he continues psyching to his music before his heats.

Mick’s enthusiasm for the highest quality headphones made him a perfect addition to Skullcandy’s Surf Team. Skullcandy global crew is thrilled with the addition of Fanning to the team.
"I’m pumped to be on the Skullcandy program. I met up with the crew earlier this year and I got a sneak peak of the new premium headphones and basically said, ‘you’re not getting em back boys!’ Making it official was the next and only step. Ever since I got my hands on the Skullcandy product I’ve been loving the look and most of all the quality of sound."

Rick Alden, CEO/Founder of Skullcandy, "We’re thrilled to have Mick on board with Skullcandy. He’s a fantastic athlete, a fierce competitor, and clearly passionate about his music. He embodies the spirit of Skullcandy, communicating our music message through surf and all sports. He’s an incredible advocate for the brand, and a huge addition to our surf program."

Mike Carter VP of Global marketing also commented, "Fired up to partner with Mick, he’s a freak talent needless to say, and we all know he takes his music listening and sound quality very seriously. Micks pedal to the metal way of life fits the company culture perfectly, and because of his love of music and high standards for audio products we’re looking forward to future collaborative efforts with him.

Look for Mick’s continuing success in 2010, and psyching in the competitor’s tent with his new headphones. Expect highly anticipated signature product collaborations later this year."

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