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Micro surf for the annual New England Longboard Classic

© Lisa Haase


New England Longboard Classic

Eastern Surfing Association
Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts
11 - 12 June 2016

Annual event finds small surf, big fun at Natasket Beach

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 June, 2016 - Regardless of the surf conditions, the Annual New England Longboard Classic is always a good time. This year was no exception, despite what contest officials and contestants alike agreed was micro surf. Yes.  It was tiny. But it was ridable. Many contestants used what Senior Men’s champ Andrew Marsden suggested. “Stand in the shorebreak, and look for what might turn out to be a micro wall you can slide across before hitting the sand.” 

This strategy, as humorous as it sounds, worked well for many of the seasoned competitors. Some riders resorted to taking the fins out of the boards, looking to lengthen their rides. This plan backfired, as they spun out of control in the mini surf. It did prove to be entertaining for the spectators and judges, however.

The ESA veteran Marsden family had a field day in their home break, as Andrew won the Seniors, Haley won the Girls, and Cade finished 2nd in the Boys divisions. Both children followed their father’s advice, as they pushed across some glassy rights to top their categories. Home town ripper Jessica Kenny took the Women’s SUP title and the Junior Women’s crown, while Carver’s top surfer, Sarah Procaccini styled her way to a win in the Women’s main event.

Cape Cod ESA veteran Sue Glidden slid into two lefts to top Christine Bonnichon for the Senior Women’s title. Ed Traniello tip rode his way to a big win in the Men’s division, edging past Travis Henchie and Tim O’Shea got the longest lefts of the heat, to beat Phil Jessaume in the Grand Master event.

Peter Pan © Lisa Haase


Pat Redmond did an amazing “El Rollo” in a micro tube, to top the Open Bodyboard, while Peter Pan managed to dip into two clean left walls to win the heavily contested Open Men’s SUP final.

The best part of this annual affair was the after party, held at Daddy’s Beach Club, right across from the contest site. Participants were treated to free pizza, lots of prizes, contest tee shirts, and outstanding frozen Margaritas. ESA Massachusetts Competition Director Chick Frodigh always put on a great show, and this year’s band, The Dave Foley Band, rocked the place until it was dark.

The next ESA contest of the 2016 season is scheduled for July 9th at 2nd Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island. This contest will be on call for the night before.

© ESA/Lisa Haase


Results of the New England Longboard Classic, held in micro surf, at Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts, on June 12, 2016. 
Boys 12 and Under-1.Issac Gutterman  2.Cade Marsden  

Junior Men-1.Nick Jessaume  2.Conrad Bailey  3.John McGeough  4.Dylan Key  5.Tanner Lornell  6.Nick Stavis  

Men-1.Ed Traniello  2.Travis Henchie  3.Ross Lagoy  4.Charlie Frodigh  5.Dave Oxner 6.Art Seaman  

Masters-1.Allan Tambio  2.Chris Herbert  3.Tom O’Brien  4.Naoto Ohashi  5.Milton Valencia  

Senior Men-1.Andrew Marsden  2.Paul Key  3.Dan Santos  4.Gab Cattani  5.Dale Pariseau  

Grand Masters-1.Tim O’Shea  2.Phil Jessaume  3.Ken Merrill  4.John McInerney  5.Tim Timmerman  

Legends-1.Peter Pan  2.Jim Papadonis  3.John Burns  4.Hal Stokes   Girls-1.Haley Marsden  2.Sam Kizner  3.Katie Frodigh  

Junior Women-1.Jessica Kenny  2.Alycia Davies   Women-1.Sara Procaccini  2.Nancy Hastings  3.Denise Lamb  

Senior Women-1.Sue Glidden  2.Christine Bonnichon  3.Libby Cote  

Men’s Open SUP-1.Peter Pan  2.Gab Cattani  3.Ben Yoder  4.Dan Santos  5.John McInerney  6.Branch Lane  

Women’s Open SUP-1.Theresa Kenny  2.Jessica Kenny  3.Maria Beretta  

Open Bodyboard-1.Pat Redmond  2.Gab Cattani  3.Charlie Frodigh  4.Don Santos  5.Peter Pan  

Beast Heat-1.Joe Fillon  2.Jessica Kenny  3.Josh Hills  4.Casey Brown

Peter Pan

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