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Mikey February wins Nixon Weird Surfboard comp

Event winner Mikey February on the Stubby Design © Isaac



Nixon Weird Surfboard

Llandudno, Cape Town South Africa
22 February 2014

Shapers from all over Africa contributed unusual craft

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 February, 2014 - Llandudno, Cape Town - some of the country's best surfers, as well as a crew of talented local freesurfers, climbed on some of the weirdest surfboards around to surf in the inaugural Nixon Weird Board and Corona Party Wave contest at Llandudno on the weekend. 

A pearler of a day welcomed the surfers to the beach, and excellent 2 to 3-foot wedging right-handers were the order of the day as the surfers went out to try their best on the unique boards available.
Shapers from around the country all contributed their version of a 'weird board,' with Eric Stedman, Anton Butler, Dave Von Ginkel, David Stubbs, Dutchie, Simon Fish, Thys Strydom, Glen D'Arcy and Glen Rowe all presenting various versions of weirdness to the competitors. Excited to be surfing something new, the surfers took to the water with vigour, and produced some excellent surfing on the various boards.

Ian Armstrong on the Eric Stedman ESS Design © Kolesky/Nikon/Lexar

Sean Holmes was his usual stylish self, no matter what board he rode on, and Frank Solomon was also having fun on the unusual equipment. Mikey February proved that it's all about the surfer and not the board, performing new school tricks and airs on the boards he rode, while Ryan Payne was another one who ripped on everything no matter what the board shape or dimensions.
In a fun-filled final it was Mikey February who was cutting loose on a David Stubbs 'Stubby' design, while Ike Forsyth was carving on an Eric Stedman ESS Simmons shape. Ryan Payne was also looking fresh on a DVG board shaped by Dave Van Ginkle. At the end it was Mikey February who took top honours, with David Stubbs thus coming in as the winning shaper.
Steff Burrows won the Corona Party Wave and walked away with R1000. "That was a lot of fun," said Nixon's Mickey Lindsay. "We're definitely going to make this an annual event and we're going to keep the weirdness going."


Craig Jarvis

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