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Mo Freitas secures the Nai Kama Kai win

Na Kama Kai Youth event © Waterman League




Nai Kama Kai Youth Challenge, La Torche Pro France
Presented by Naish and Twenty-Nine

Stand Up World Tour
La Torche, France
26 October, 2013

Mo Freitas caps an incredible year with Na Kama Kai win

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 November, 2013 - Mo Freitas (Focus SUP/Body Glove) will start the year officially as an adult in 2014, but not before his last powerful performance in the Na Kama Kai Youth event here at the La Torche Pro France presented by Naish and Twenty-Nine.

Mo has been on fire all year this year, both on the World Surfing Tour, but also World Racing Series, as he makes it another win here in the Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge in France, amidst intense competition from Tahiti, Brazil, France, Denmark, the US and beyond.

Finishing in 6th on the Surfing World Tour and 7th on the Racing World Series, Mo is without doubt one of the brightest young talents in the sport and we are excited to see how he fares in 2014 when it all kicks off again in February at Sunset Beach (8th - 16th). 

Also making his last appearance in the Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge, Yuri Daberkow (Art in Surf) puts on a solid performance amidst the fierce international competition to take 2nd place behind Mo Freitas (Focus SUP/Body Glove).

Yuri has been looking good all year, and despite a disappointing result in the Main event, certainly made up for it on this final day of action to take 2nd place and finish the year on a high.

Watch out for this young talent from Brazil as we look ahead to 2014 and beyond, as he is destined to become a major contender on the Stand Up World Tour. 

The elders in Tahiti will be proud of this incredible young talent from Papeno on the North Shore of Tahiti: Poenaiki Raioha (Naish) has once again showcased his supreme ability amidst the fiercest competition at the La Torche Pro presented by Naish and Twenty-Nine.

Poenaiki started the year off on a high, winning the Na Kama Kai Challenge at Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Oahu and achieving a finals berth in the Main Event at Sunset Beach, eventually finishing in 4th place.

He then missed Brazil and had an unfortunate inteference call in California, not advancing as far as he would have liked, but here in France, he finished in 3rd place in the Na kama Kai Challenge, 17th in the Main event and 13th overall for the year.

One thing is for sure, like Mo and Yuri, Poenaiki is an incredible talent to watch out for on the Stand up World Tour and is carrying the torch now for the likes of Arsene Harehoe (Rogue) and Guillaume Bourligueux on the global stage. 

We have an incredible year ahead of us here on the Stand Up World Tour, with major increases in prize-money, stature and global live and post broadcasts in place for 2014, as the world's best will start preparing for the most dramatic year yet on the Stand Up World Tour.

Here is the current schedule:

  1. Sunset Beach Pro, Hawaii: 8th - 16th February 2014
  2. Abu Dhabi All Stars, UAE: 29th March - 6th April 2014
  3. Brazil: 12th - 20th April, 2014
  4. W. Australia: 16th - 21st May, 2014
  5. California: 9th - 14th September, 2014 (exact date tbc)
  6. La Torche Pro France, 25th October - 2nd November, 2014
  7. Location X: 28th November - 5th December, 2014

The dates for the first half of the year are set in stone, with the only slight date modifications possible for Australia, California and Location X. All final dates will be confirmed within the next 2 weeks and will remain set in stone for the season.

Tristan Boxford

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