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Montreal river surfers worried about water safety

Montreal River Surfer © Pierre Versailles
Montreal River Surfer © Pierre Versailles



Water Safety 

Lack of rules has Montreal river surfers worried 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 August, 2014 - Montreal is becoming a miniature Tofino with surfing becoming more and more popular. But a lack of rules is making it extremely dangerous.The number of people surfing daily at the city's two favourite spots — Lasalle and Cite-du-Havre — has doubled to 100 a day in the last year.

There are concerns, however, that the water is dangerous and the surfers who come are not experienced. Last summer a 23-year-old woman died when she was crushed between her surfboard and a tree at the water's edge.

"Lots of people who come here haven't surfed before," said Pascal Trudel, who surfs at Cite-du-Havre a few times a week. "Those people risk drowning and serious injuries."

Siomon Dessureault and Ameli Pineda

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