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That mysterious ‘surfed out glow’ the subject of art show

Sam, 2015, on exhibition at Annandale Galleries © Sally Mayman



Surf Culture

Adolescent surf buzz transmitted through photographs

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 July, 2015 - Sally Mayman's surf photography focuses on portraits rather than action - a rarity in the world of surf photography. Mayman snaps images of adolescent surfers just after they’ve gone surfing.

Her work is the subject of a gallery showing at the Annandale Galleries in Sydney. The whole thing started when Mayman started snapping images of her son, age 14, and his friends.

'They'd been surfing for a couple of hours and when they came out of the water they were very relaxed," Mayman told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"Surfing has always been part of my life, so it seemed a natural progression to capture my son and his friends interacting with the ocean," she said.

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