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Natxo Gonzalez launches “Adventure” webisodes

Natxo Gonzalez, Pichilemu, Chile, Basque, Video, Webisode
Chilean scenery © Natxo Gonzalez




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Natxo's latest adventure begins in Pichilemu, Chile

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 May, 2014 - Natxo Gonzalez 'Adventure' is a documentary project about the adventures of the young Basque surfer, beginning on the Chilean coast and ending in the strong waves of Pascuales in Mexico. In this episode the adventure begins in Pichilemu, a beautiful, natural and very famous place with good pointbreaks and beachbreaks. 

Natxo gives us the details:

I had the honor of being one of 24 surfers invited to the Quiksilver Ceremonial BWWT (Big Wave World Tour) event in Punta de Lobos. The call was three days before the swell arrived, the perfect time to pack up all the stuff and be there in time for the big swell.

One day before the event, there was an earthquake measuring six on the Richter Scale. Because of the large vibration of the earth, the swell that we all expected did not show up, so we got up the next day and there were no waves.

The contest, was suspended because the sea conditions were below average. Apart from the Ceremonial, I been here for couple of days more hosted at the home of the great legend Ramon Navarro, and I was really lucky to see all the beautiful places and waves around the coast. I couldn’t wait to come back!

This year I was talking about my new project with the amazing cameraman Jon Aspuru and few days ago we started the adventure together.In this first episode you can see the waves and the spectacular places that we are finding in the beautiful Chilean coast.

Hope you like it.





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