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Never Stop Int'l Surf Film Festival returns to Asturias



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Never Stop Int'l Surf Film Festival returns to Asturias

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 July, 2014 - The Never Stop International Surf Film Festival in Salinas, Asturias comes to its third edition on the 31st of July and the 1st and 2nd of August from 11pm to 1 am in the natural amphitheatre at El Dolar beach. It is located outside the tunnel connecting the seaside villages of Salinas and Arnao.

The festival is organized by Surf, Music and Friends and hosted by Reef. The NSSFF is an international specialized festival intended for surfers and for lovers of sea and nature. In this third edition it focuses on the different approaches to the surf culture in its different versions.

As in previous years, we keep in touch with different festivals around the world to be able to offer our audience a very present exhibition where they will see both the last creative trends and the different topics dealt with in other geographical areas always with the presence of a surf culture developed through several generations.

The Irish festival Shore Shots has sent us a selection of works which represent the different ways of understanding surfing so that we have a big amount of titles and producers that have been awarded or selected in other festivals such as “Four boards and a piano” in which Fergal Smith shows his quiver in the beautiful Irish landscape. “Run to the sea” from Dylan Stott and “Tom Butler Celtic Tiger” are also showings of what we will see. In all of them is present the incredible last winter which has located Ireland on the map of big wave surfing.

We have to mention the outstanding works of James Skerrit, a producer who took part in last year festival with “The Element”, a mockumentary awarded with several international prizes. This time we will see his “Unpredictable happiness” as well as “Por el viento” under the direction of Arthur Bourbon and with photography by Clement Maillet. It is about the pursuit of a winter swell from the Basque country to Galicia all along the Cantabric coast in five days. All these works are presented in the “short-film” category.

As far as “full-length film” is concerned we have “Peninsula,” the story of a journey from the north to the south of Italy. It is an audiovisual portrait that takes us back to the past, from the time of the birth of surfing in Italy to nowadays surfing. It is also a collage about surfing and surfers, friendship and rivalry, environment, climate and history. The film is produced by Luca Merli and Matteo Ferrari and the whole of it has been filmed in 35mm, 16mm and Super8, and it has become a real tribute to the Mediterranean sea.

From the other side of the Atlantic, from Argentina, we have the participation of the Azulay brothers after the European first release in the Surfilm Festibal in Donostia. “Tierra de Patagones” comes to the NSSFF 2014 as one of the most expected films of the year, after a great success with “Gauchos del mar” in the previous edition.

The Azulay brothers Joaquín and Julian go into a voyage that will take them to one of the most austral territories in the world, the Isla de los Estados. For six months they travel across the Argentinean and the Chilean Patagonia sharing their experiences with the native people, getting in touch with the different trades present in each town they visit, making and accurate portrait of the animals in the region and fighting against the hard climatic conditions till they get to Ushuaia from the capital city in Tierra de Fuego, Antarctica, and the islands on the South Atlantic sea.

They get on board in a sailing boat to sail the Beagle Channel and to cross the Estrecho de Le Maire, one of the most dangerous seas in the world, with lots of shipwrecks, to get to this inhabited island which has been declared an ecological, historical and tourist reserve.

We can’t let aside the Asturian representation in hands of the collective Black Sea Factory presenting “Drink the sea,” another premiere in this festival, filmed in different locations around the world by this group of Asturian riders and edited by Diego Álvarez.

Our main sponsor, Reef, will present to our audience one of its big productions acclaimed by the international audience and with the presence of the best surfers in the world. It is “De passage” by Russell Brownley and Mark Tesi. This film comes to the festival after its world first release on the last 15th of June. It is inspired in the Reef’s philosophy “Just passing through”.

It is a 20 minutes film showing the surreal life of surfers on the road. The travel starts in Tahiti, an island on the French Polynesia where Machado, Blanchard, Dorian, Otton, Rozsa, Sutton, Davis and Maddison go sliding on the Pacific reef. Directed by the well-known Russell Brownley, “Cancer to Capricorn”, “Gum for my boat” and Reef’s creative director Mark Tesi. The film deals with the question of not waiting for things to come but chasing the important moments in life.

Finally, “The Old, the Young and the Sea” goes for a trip along the Atlantic coast of France, Spain and Portugal. The film is a living picture of the postmodern European culture with a lot of influence from the hippy atmosphere of the 60´s, the modern industry of surfing and the vital relationship between the inhabitants of the coast and nature.

The film shows us a world of cultural discoveries together with special encounters in the search for the authentic traveller spirit. For all the protagonists surfing is a permanent way of life. All the sea lovers live watching for the narrow piece of land and sea they have in front of them. The documentary captures the photography of a vibrating Europe through the personal stories of the protagonists.

Together with the projections of the films, the festival will also count with the presence of famous DJ´s who will liven up this space for the joy of the public for three days. To sum up, the free and international character of this event makes it a unique opportunity for all films, sea and surfing lovers. They will have the chance of enjoying three days of high quality projections in a beautiful and natural landscape.    

Kate Cameron

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