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New BMW concept moto comes with board racks

The BMW Concept Path 22 © BMW




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BMW's Concept Path 22 "gets in where four wheels won't"

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 June, 2015 - London, England - BMW's Concept Path 22 motorcycle might just get in where four wheels won’t  The retro-inspired scrambler (a bike meant for off-roading) has a surfboard holder, so you can hit just about any spot without worrying about having the space to drive and park a four-wheeler. 

You might like the bike even if you're content to remain on terra firma, for that matter. The stripped-down look will trigger more than a few1950's flashbacks, and there are modern touches like a digital dash and turn signal indicators built into the handlebars. 

There's no talk of whether or not the Path 22 will go into production, but we could see it being just the ticket for that crowded urban traffic.

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