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Video series captures intricacies of artisan boardbuilding



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Watch craftsmen laminate, sand, paint, pinline, gloss, polish, more

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 April, 2015 - Four skilled board builders will be featured in a unique exhibition at The Boardroom for the Ultimate Craftsman Project. The surfboard industry has craftsmen who can do it all: source materials, shape, laminate, sand, paint, pinline, gloss, polish, layup fins, foil fins—everything!

The Ultimate Craftsman Project presented by VISSLA highlights four of these individuals by asking them to craft a surfboard from start to finish -- with all of the work done by themselves.
The boards will be on display in The Ultimate Craftsman Project exhibit presented by VISSLA. The full-length video segments will be on display looping on a large screen. The crafted surfboards will be unveiled, judged by experts and a winner announced at The Boardroom Surf Show May 16 & 17 at Del Mar.
The entire build process, of all four surfboards, will be captured on video and pushed out to the public via the internet & social media as a build up to the show date.  
The video vignettes will include insight about the boards themselves, source materials, craftsmen insight, and discussion about the process. The videos will help the judges, and the viewing public, decide who they think built the finest surfboard.


Who will be The Ultimate Craftsman?
The four craftsmen selected to compete:
Roger Hinds
Marc Andreini
Gene Cooper
Travis Reynolds
The judges for The Ultimate Craftsman Project presented by VISSLA include:
Gary Stuber: Laminator 35 years Moonlight Glassing, craftsmen
Jim Phillips: Wood worker, stringer glue-up artist; legend shaper, craftsmen
Peter St. Pierre: Pinliner, artist, surfboard builder, craftsmen
Sam Cody: Artist, laminator, restoration expert, craftsmen
John Cherry:  Woodworker, master wooden surfboard builder, fin craftsmen

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