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New cluster of swells puts Quiksilver Ku Ikaika on high alert

Jamie Mitchell : photo Sarah Towner 

Quiksilver Ku Ikaika Challenge
Presented by C4 Waterman

Makaha Point, West Side Oahu
15 January - 28 February 2009

Final batch of big swell has Quiksilver Ku Ikaika Challenge on alert

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 February, 2010 : - - Makaha -- Another round of extra-large winter swell is developing under the watchful eye of organizers of the Quiksilver Ku Ikaika Challenge, presented by C4 Waterman, and competitors have been put "on alert" for this Thursday, February 25.

The Ku Ikaika Challenge is a one-day, big wave stand-up paddle invitational surfing competition, held at Makaha Point on the West Side of Oahu, Hawaii. The event has until Sunday evening, February 28, to run before the 2010 holding period draws to a close.

A succession of major swells are forecast to cross paths with the Hawaiian Islands this week and should be from an ideal direction for Makaha. The first swell, scheduled to peak tomorrow, is expected to deliver wave face heights of around 15-18 feet.

Thursday's swell is forecast to notch up even further and is the primary focus of attention for the Ku Ikaika Challenge. A third system, while still somewhat of an unknown quantity, is unfolding for Saturday and will also be closely monitored.

For Quiksilver's own Jamie Mitchell, a few more lay days are exactly what he needs if he is to recover from a perforated eardrum in time to compete. Mitchell was warming up on a mellow day at Makaha two weeks ago when a freak wipeout on a three-foot wave forced him out of the water.

"It was one of the smallest waves I rode that day," said Mitchell. "I just landed weird and kind of slapped the side of my head on the water." 

The 2010 list of invitees and wildcards to the Quiksilver Ku Ikaika Challenge, presented by C4 Waterman, features a mix of legendary and rising SUP experts that includes defending champion Aaron Napoleon, Jamie Mitchell (Australia), Raimana Van Bastolaer (Tahiti), Ibon Amatriain (Euskadi), Robby Naish (Hawaii), and Gerry Lopez (Hawaii).

The Ku Ikaika Challenge will offer a total prize purse of $10,000, with $3,000 going to the winner. The main event will consist of 30 invited surfers plus six wildcards. (Listed below.) "Ku Ikaika", a Hawaiian phrase that means "stand strong", was derived in reference to the sport of stand up paddle surfing and to upholding a healthy and positive approach to wave riding.




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