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New company Sørensen launches classically styled surf watches



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New watch company tries to make you the champ in and out of the water

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 October, 2015 - Wearing a watch might seem old-fashioned to some these days, as we all walk around with smartphones and are constantly reminded of the time by the increasing number of different apps pushing and vibrating in our pockets.

However, apart from the stylish aspects, in some different situations it definitely still makes sense to wear a watch for functional reasons – and one of these is when you are in the water.

We all know those days when the surf is pumping but you have to leave at a certain time to go to work, catch the bus or pick up the kids. We’re sure you don’t want to be the annoying person asking for the time all the time.

So, this is one of those situations that it definitely still makes sense to wear a wristwatch. Of course, it also benefits you if the watch actually looks good at the same time.

That’s the basic idea behind the new watch company Sørensen, which is an up and coming brand from Copenhagen, Denmark.

“I got the idea a couple of years ago when I was out surfing and was wearing a shiny yellow surf watch I had just acquired. The watch worked fine in the water – as it was telling me the time and was waterproof– but later on during the day at work, I had to take the watch off, and all for the simple reason that I thought it didn’t fit with the shirt I was wearing or the meetings I had to attend”, says Rasmus Sørensen, director at Sørensen watches.

So he got the idea to make a watch that could be worn both in the water, but also at work and even in important meetings, and that would still look sharp and fit in both environments.

“I thought that there must be a way you can create a surf watch that you can also wear at, for instance, a business meeting. So I imagined something not too sporty – but not too elegant either”, says Rasmus.

And after having asked the opinion of countless other surfers, the Møns Klint collection was born. The collection consists of four watches, all with a nylon wrist band in different colours and with a brushed stainless steel case.

“I believe the nylon wrist bands make the watches look sporty, fresh and young. At the same time, the stainless steel is brushed to make it look less shiny and thereby not too elegant. Some people call the case a bit ‘fat’, which I also think makes it a little less elegant too, and therefore it looks stylish without being too flashy”, explains Rasmus.

Altogether, these are watches that you can wear in the water, but also at the meeting or in an exclusive bar.

Rasmus Sørensen

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