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New England Longboard Classic rolls despite tiny surf

Katie Zullo © Joe McGovern



22nd Annual New England Longboard Classic

Eastern Surfing Association
Natasket Beach, Massachusetts
7 - 8 June 2014

Huge turnout at Nantasket Beach revels in 22nd annual event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 June, 2014 - It was the perfect day for a surfing contest.  Nantasket Beach, located on the south shore of Massachusetts, was the site of the Annual New England Longboard Classic, again this year. The parking lots were already filled by 10 AM, and the beach was packed with swimmers and sun worshippers. There were cloudless, blue skies with only light onshore winds and air temperatures in the high 80’s. The only part missing was a decent swell to work with. Over 150 competitors were tested in the one to two foot mushy beachbreak, especially when the onshore winds picked up substantially during the later final heats of the day.

“It was definitely a challenge to find a ridable wave,” said ESA Massachusetts Competition Director Chick Frodigh. “Somehow, the top competitors always seem to manage to find a way to win, regardless of whether or not it is 6 inches or 6 feet.” The lightweight riders did have an advantage in the erratic surf, with the ability to get up faster and ride the small peaks into the shorebreak.

Due perhaps to the conditions as well as the growing popularity of the sport, the men’s and women’s stand-up paddle board contests were the most competitive of the event. The women’s division is becoming tougher, as Sara Procaccini edged out Stacey McLoughlin for the win, cruising into two left bumps. Newcomer, Denise Lamb finished 3rd.  On the men’s side, the choppy conditions proved to be a challenge to all seven finalists. In the end, it was a freak left with some distance, that gave Peter Pan the win over local rider, Carl Mahistedt. 

There was some great longboarding in the men’s categories, with ESA veterans taking charge in most finals. Charlie Frodigh pulled off two great handstands to win the Men’s crown over Ross Logoy, while Andrew Marsden pumped through the mush to win the Senior Men’s title.  Mike Fredrick topped the Masters, and Ken Collins won a close decision over Ken Merrill in the Grandmasters final. Peter Pan topped Jerry Korinski for the Legends crown.


Men's 19-29 Finals: Kyle Merrill, Charlie Frodigh, Jack Rowland, & Mike Coute © Charlie F/Joe McGovern


Women’s longboarding has come a long way in the past decade.  Josie Korinski outlasted Annabel Smith to win the Girls title, while Katie Zullo found a rare, well-formed right to win the Women’s category. Cathy Donndelinger nose rode her way to the title over Noona Joseph, in the Women 30-39 age group, while longtime Cape Cod stylist Sue Glidden cruised to the Senior Women’s crown.

The youngsters caught the best action, with the incoming tide. Kaleb O’Kane found two good rights to pump past Cade Marsden in the Boys 12 and Under final, while Haley Marsden topped Annabelle Volpe by one point to win the Girls 12 and Under crown. Eddie Traniello dominated the Junior division, taking a unanimous first on every scoring sheet, to win it over Jamie Kelley.

In the final heats of the day, it was New England’s top bodyboarder, Pat Redmond winning the Open division, while Harlow Farmer topped the 12 and Under final. 

As typical with this annual event, a great after contest party took place at Daddy’s Beach Club, right across from the contest site. Contestants were treated to live music by the Lois Greco Band, and a non-stop flow of Daddy’s famous pizzas. The next area ESA surfing competition will take place at 2nd Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island on July 19th.

Results of the 22nd Annual New England Longboard Classic Championships

12 and Under Boys-1.Kaleb O’Kane  2.Cade Marsden  3.Haden Dali  4.Mason Dali   5.Bodhi Aguiar
12 and Under Girls-1.Haley Marsden  2.Annabelle Volpe  3.Taylor Saitow  

Juniors 13-18- 1.Eddie Traniello  2.Jamie Kelley  3.Joe Doherty  4.Dylan Key  5.Clayton Ives  

Girls 13-18-Josie Korinski  2.Annabel Smith  3.Libby Smith  4.Katie Frodigh  5.Grace Korinski  

Men 19-29-1.Charlie Frodigh  2.Ross Lagoy  3.Mike Cote  4.Ryan Lagoy  5.Jack Rowland  6.Kyle Merrill  

Women  19-29- 1.Katie Zullo  

Masters 30-39-1.Mike Fredrick  2.Marcel Qutant  3.Russ Shute  4.Ben Yoder  5.Geoff Jacoby  6.John Platono  

Women 30-39-1.Cathy Donndelinger  2.Noona Joseph  3.Sara Procaccini  4.Denise Lamb  5.Jen Farmer 6.Jackie Sabol  

Senior Men 40-49-1.Andy Marsden  2.Paul Key  3.Rich Catrambone  4.Joe Doherty Sr.  5.Scott Sutherland  6.Brian Aguiar  

Senior Women 50 and over-1.Sue Glidden  2.Kitty Pechet  3.Libby Cote  

Grandmasters 50-59-1.Ken Collins  2.Ken Merrill  3.Ned Rowland  4.Mark Preece  5.John McInerney  6.Jim Hamilton  

Legends 60 and over-1.Peter Pan  2.Jerry Korinski  3.Branch Lane  4.John Burns  5.Ron Melanson  

Men Open SUP-1.Peter Pan  2.Carl Mahistedt  3.Ray Cabral  4.Leo Campos  5.John McInerney  6.Mark Preece  7.Mike Kutchmanich  

Women Open SUP-1.Sara Procaccini  2.Stacey McLoughlin  3.Denise Lamb  4.Katie Zullo  5.Carol Hesson  6.Erin English  

Bodyboard 12 and under-1.Harlow Farmer  2.Cesar Nunez  

Bodyboard 13 and over-1.Pat Redmond 

Peter Pan

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