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New Zealand Oil Spill covered by NZ Surfing Magazine crew

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 November, 2011 : - - Welcome to the latest instalment of NZ Surfing Magazine this issue  was turned on it's head close to print deadline when a ship ran aground spewing oil into the waters of the Bay of Plenty, obviously with the area being one of the most saturated in terms of surfer numbers it was key we covered the worst environmental disaster our country has faced. The editor worked round the clock for days on end to bring you the latest news.



Interviews with:

Olympic Master Coach- 1974 NZ Surfing Champion and 1984/88 NZ Olympic Kayak coach Benny Hutchings on life and sporting success.

Einstein Surfs- Ryan Hawker breaking the mould of the dole fed Kiwi surfer to genius.

Call me loyal- After 20 years of being sponsored by Quiksilver, we interview our greatest surfer ever on growing up, becoming a pro-surfer and making a living from surfing. Also featuring words from his good mates, business associates and family on what made the man tick.



as well as

The 68th Primo Roady- Bombarded by massive seas and a harsh stormy winter, we score a short but sweet window of opportunity out West at Taranaki.

The Stay Focussed Photospread- Kiwi surfers hunt down their fill of waves all over the world.

Sequence madness- Richard Christie, Luke Cederman and Sam Willis pull off several all time moves, impressing the onlookers and out-riding death slabs.

Plus much much more surf action goodness from the shores of Aotearoa.

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