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Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 April 2013: - - Global Surfing News-Alerts are updates of the very latest news selected by our editors from Surfing News, ASP & ISA Contests, Surf-Industry News, Video & Photography Updates, Meteorological Events, Surforecasts, and much more. It is a Goldmine for Surfers;-

Some uses for the all new Surfersvillage Global Surf News-Alerts include:

Monitoring developing news stories
Finding out first with breaking news alerts
Keeping current on competitors or industry
Getting the latest on a celebrity or event
Keeping tabs on your favorite teams & riders

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Surfersvillage provides;-
News Agency services to the Surfing World.
Surforecasts presentation service for the world
Communication, Consulting & Media Agency services.
Surf-Tourism Consulting Services to Tourism Ministries.




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