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New Zealand grom series titles decided (almost)

Isaac Kettle © PhotoCPL



Billabong Grom Series

Surfing New Zealand
Piha, New Zealand
1 - 2 March 2014

One Day Remains Before Billabong Grom Series Titles Decided

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 March, 2014 -  Only one day of surfing remains before six new champions will be crowned for the 2014 Billabong Grom Series.  The first day of the final event was contested at Piha today. The onset of autumn brought a chilly start to the morning with a small swell that built throughout the day accompanied by moderate southwest winds.  

The swell rose to 1.5m but was more than contestable all day and smaller than the forecasted swell. Yet another massive day of surfing was completed with surfers from throughout the country hitting the Piha waves in a bid to move through to the final rounds of the event. Usual transmission resumed with a number of the top seeds progressing through to their respective quarterfinal match-ups.  

Kehu Butler (Mnt) stood out in all three divisions contested posting 17.0 points out of a possible 20 points in the Under 14 Boys Division.  However it was the Under 17 Boys Division where Butler was matched by several surfers who surfed exceptional heats. Butler was joined by Isaac Kettle (Tara), Daniel Farr (Tara), Nathan Cook (Aus) and Jack Wilson (Chch) who all won their heats with impressive heat totals.

Cook returned to New Zealand after contesting the second event of the series at Whangamata, obviously enjoying his time in New Zealand.  Cook contested both the Under 17 and Under 20 Divisions winning both of his heats to move through to the Quarterfinals.

Daniel Farr and Isaac Kettle also used their West Coast experience to put on strong performances, Farr posting 13.27 points and Kettle posting 12.77 points. In the Under 17 Girls Division it was Mount Maunganui’s Raiha Ensor who dominated the first round posting a 12.33 point heat total after surfing two great waves with her smooth yet powerful style.  

Ensor was joined by Mount Maunganui friends Tiana – Breeze de Mooij and Elin Tawharu who also won their heats as did Jasmine Smith (Gis). De Mooij and Tawharu claimed wins in the Under 14 Girls Division too alongside Kea Smith who top scored with a 15.83 point heat total.  Zhana Hutchieson (Tara) was the fourth winner of the round progressing through to the semifinals of both the Under 17 and Under 14 Girls Divisions.

Competition will commence at the south end of Piha Beach at 7:30am on Sunday morning with the finals scheduled to hit the water from 2pm in the afternoon.

Under 17 Girls Quarterfinals
Heat 1 Jasmine Smith (Gis), 10.03, 1, Britt Kindred (Muri), 8, 2, Jennifer Rockwell (Auck), 4, 3, Maaia Reid - Bennett (Mnt), 3, 4

Heat 2 Elin Tawharu (Mnt), 9.27, 1, Kea Smith (Arataki), 9.1, 2, Emma Rzepecky (Auck), 3.77, 3, Billie Scott (Whangarei), 2.17, 4

Heat 3 Tiana - Breeze de Mooj (Mnt), 8.17, 1, Milly Crew (Muri), 7.5, 2, Claudia Fraser (Auck), 4.83, 3, Gabrielle Paul (Auck), 3.23, 4

Heat 4 Raiha Ensor (Mnt), 12.33, 1, Zhana Hutchison (Tara), 4.87, 2, Courtney Salahub (Auck), 2.77, 3, Grace Pevats (Whanagarei), 2.17, 4

Under 14 Girls Quarterfinals
Heat 1 Tiana - Breeze de Mooij (Mnt), 10.67, 1, Grace Pevats (Whngrei), 6.47, 2, Imogen Halliday (Auck), 4.37, 3, Lauren Boxall-Hunt (Auck), 1, 4

Heat 2 Elin Tawharu (Mnt), 8.17, 1, Asta Schnell (Auck), 3.67, 2, Holly Marson-Wood (Piha), 3.37, 3

Heat 3 Kea Smith (Mnt), 15.83, 1, Aimee Brown (Gt Barrier), 4.33, 2, Lily Dowsett (Auck), 2.93, 3

Heat 4 Zhana Hutchieson (Waitara), 7.13, 1, Gabrielle Paul (Piha), 4.6, 2, Amber Bailey (Auck), 4.03, 3 Further Information

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