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New Zealand Surfing Magazine launches #147


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New Zealand Surfing Magazine Issue 147: Epic Wipeouts, Cold Water Perfection, Primo Roady-Tow Vs Paddle & more

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 September, 2012 : - - Bursting out of the depths of winter and onto this springs bookshelves and mag racks comes the latest instalment of NZ Surf Mag. Covering our own surfers travelling abroad and chasing waves up and down the country, we feature small waves through to massive waves and everything in between, from brown water open faced point breaks to crystal clear tropical reef barrels. If it's a kiwi doing it, then this issue has it!

The pinnacle of publication, the cover features Mt Maunganui's Clint Reid who simply charged every minute of this season in Indo, outperforming more seasoned pro surfers and slotting into everything he could get his hands on, and within two days of arriving home was already out towing in the frigid southern waters nailing several 20 footers, that's a story for next issue, but a comment that was needed to sum up this man, he is surf mad! From one to twenty foot and in all temperatures, if it peels he'll ride it. Congrats Clint..




Inside this issue:

FREEZE- A photographic dedication of moments in time from a frigid winter.

The Bond of a wave- To experience the thrill of surfing is hard to describe, but to become a parent, pass on and share that same experience, that's priceless, Jemarl Paerata shares with us his journey through life alongside his son Elliot.

A Love Affair- Some surfers dedicate themselves to the oceans waves; others remain loyal to one single wave.

The Dragonfly's Den- Part two of our Indonesia adventure finds the home of the dragonfly, on a coast riddled with waves, but will they co-operate?

The 73rd Primo Roady-Tow Vs Paddle: Many exponents have argued for both sides, on this Primo Roady we figured why debate when we can do both in the one day.





Back in the game- Daniel Kereopa paddles into a monster wave, once again redefining big wave surfing in NZ.

Epic Sequences -Johnny Hicks, Billy Stairmand, and Luke Cederman pull off what many can only dream of.

Wipe-outs- we laugh and we gasp at some of the classic moments of eating shit this winter.

And much much more, get along to a newsagent or surf shop near you. 

For digital online copies which feature 24 extra pages of mind blowing material log onto key words New Zealand Surfing

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Source: Pacific Media

Author: Steve Dickinson

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