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Nic von Rupp claims Portuguese barrel fest

Nic Von Rupp @ Capítulo Perfeito/Ricardo Bravo



Capitulo Perfeito

Carcavelos, Cascais Portugal
15 February 2014

Amidst busted boards & leashes, Nic takes the Capitulo Perfeito 


Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 February, 2014 - Nic von Rupp won the 3rd annual Capitulo Perfeito tube contest held in Portugal. Event organizers invited the best tuberiders in Portugal down to Carcavelos- Cascais for the annual event. Nic triumphed, retaking a title he had already won in 2013 in Peniche and reinforcing his status as the best tube rider in Portugal today. To boot, he also took down a perfect 10-point ride.

In his victory speech Nico said “I want to start by thanking the audience present at the beach, you guys provided the energy to face this sea, it was a rather complicated day here in Carcavelos. The conditions were classic but Mother Nature decided to give us a hell of a beating" he said, referring to the size and strength of the sea.

Although perfect, the conditions were quite demanding, with three meter waves. Throughout the day, several leashes and boards were broken in the heavy conditions. Nic, just having returned from his Hercules storm jaunt to Ireland used some of that experience to handle the powerful waves of Carcavelos. The final had Nic von Rupp, Antonio Silva, Ruben Gonzalez and Marlon Lipke. Marlon who had already surfed the final of last years 2013 Competition . 

Nic von Rupp © Capitulo Perfeito/Ricardo Bravo


Translated from Portuguese below...

Lipke, who was in Australia to participate in the qualifying stages of the ASP circuit, flew across the planet to be present in Portugal at “Capitulo Perfeito”  and finished this competition in third place.

The European champion of 2012 landed in Portugal this morning around 11:00 am, just in time to start  the first heat after an intense marathon flight .  Marlon said " It was worth coming,  I made more than 30 hours by plane , dropped my bags at the airport [ Lisbon ] and got to the beach just in time to make my heat . I’m so happy to have reached the final and to see that the effort paid off, I will be back 2015 but now I will participate again in Australia in an international event scheduled for Monday”.

Ruben Gonzalez, looked for victory until the end, the Portuguese four-times Champion , reached the second place and  4th was  Antonio Silva , who holds  the record  of the largest wave  ever surfed by  a Portuguese, in Nazareth, Portugal .  

Filipe Jervis was also a standout, making the combination of the two best waves of the entire event, valued at 9.5 points and 7.5 points (17 in total).  Tomas Fernandes, one of the youngest in the tournament, won the award for biggest wipe out.

After receiving some of the best surfers in the world for the AS P Moche Cascais Trophy at event the end of last year, today Carcavelos proved a worthy host to the biggest spectacle of the national surf, attracting thousands of people to the beach and doing justice to the original concept of the event. The athletes chosen by the public through online voting, were up to the challenge, completing numerous Tubes and providing moments of great intensity to the fans on the beach.

"The risk of not making the call and the conditions we expected for this day was great " analysed the director, Pedro Monteiro . " To see the day to unfold with the conditions to improve continuously has   been a great joy for us, but in Carcavelos is very hard to be in the right place at the right time. The sea has been very shaken in recent days and we knew it would take time to settle. We decided to use all the time and just start the contest at 11:00, which turned out to be the right option", he concluded.

Capitulo Perfeito (Perfect Chapter) is a special event, there was a waiting period of two months during which the forecasts for this event was closely monitored
by experts to determine the best day (of waves) to  make this event  , with Surfers being  invited just 72 hours in advance.

The Capitulo Perfeito  was sponsored  by Billabong in 2014  along with  , Kia , Moche , Meo and Red Bull and media partners Fuel TV , Newspapers i , Mega Hits , Onfire , Surfline , Surfing SurfPortugal and  SurfTotal .

Roman von Rupp/Various

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