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Nixon releases second film of Art Mosh Initiative

 ‘What I See’, a Nixon Art Mosh Initiative



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Nixon releases the second film "What I See" 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 August, 2014 - Nixon announces the second installment of their Art Mosh Initiative, 'Moscow', shot in october 2013 as he went for the premiere of Isenseven's movie 'A Way We Go'. Two weeks ago, David Bertschinger Karg, known as 'DBK', released the first episode of ‘What I See’, a Nixon Art Mosh Initiative made up of four short films captured and edited by the 25-year-old freestyle snowboarder as he travelled last season, chasing weather systems around the globe.

David adds: "Everything people get to see in the snowboard media are the tricks we land, how we strap in and the high fives along the way. This is a small part of why I live this life, it's a lifestyle which brings so much more with it: seeing places I would probably not come across if it wasn't for snowboarding, getting to know people with lifestyles I didn't even know existed and experiencing freedom in so many different ways is a big part of why I do this. The "What I See" series is a visual passage to places I've visited last season. When I look back on my trips I don't only remember tricks and powder prays, but people, moments and atmospheres I've experienced. It's those details which make a journey stick."


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