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No Fear wins legal battle & protects using their name

No Fear rider Sunny Garcia at Pipeline

No Fear Wins Court Case

Carlsbad sportswear company No Fear Inc. won a legal battle to keep a white supremacist leader from using the acronym NOFEAR as the name of his organization. Former KKK leader, congressman, and presidential candidate David Duke founded the National Organization for European-American Rights in January 2000, and No Fear filed a lawsuit to protect its name the next month. Duke can no longer use the NOFEAR acronym and website.

Below is a No Fear pres release on the subject;

June 5, 2001

In January 2000, without the knowledge of consent of No Fear, Inc., David Duke´s organization began to use the name N.O.F.E.A.R. for what we believe to be a new white supremacy group. When No Fear, Inc. learned of this misappropriation of our trademarked name, we immediately filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California (Civil Action No. 00 CV 0309 E (RBB)) to prevent David Duke from using the name No Fear in any way, including internet domain usage.

Duke´s website has recently posted a press release stating that, as of June 4, 2001, the National Organization for European American Rights, (N.O.F.E.A.R.), has changed it´s name to European-American Rights Organization (ERO). The release goes on to say that when Duke started his organization, he was unaware of a clothing company by the name of NO FEAR Clothing Inc., which had previously trademarked the initials. Finally, it states that after a great deal of thought and consideration, Duke has decided to change the name of the organization.

No Fear, Inc. was founded in 1990 in Southern California as an extreme sports company, and our mission from the beginning has been to celebrate athletic competition and excellence. Though we started with the popular motivational tee shirts, we have expanded our products to include casual wear and accessories of all types, as well as professional motocross riding gear and competitive automotive racing gear. But the message has always been the same: "Face Your Fears. Live Your Dreams." We do not discriminate or promote prejudice, nor associate ourselves with organizations that do. Our staff, our roster of sponsored athletes, and our customer base spans many races, colors, and religions.

There has been a rumor circulating wildly on the internet that people with No Fear decals on their cars are David Duke supporters. This is quite simply NOT TRUE. There have been many published articles in the media about our situation, including this article by a staff writer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:, and this article published by the urban legends web site:

If you require any further information or clarification of our position in this matter, or if you would like more information on No Fear, the real and original No Fear, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding.

No Fear, Inc.

Face Your Fears. Live Your Dreams.

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