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NSP announces new collection for Surf Expo



Industry Updates

Line includes COCOmat Longboards, and HDT and P2 epoxy units

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 January, 2017 - Carlsbad, California - The NSP stand up paddle board line is one of the fastest growing brands worldwide for recreational paddlers all the way to the most advanced race boards. For this upcoming Surf Expo in Orlando, NSP will focus on their surf heritage and will be showing the 2017 Surf line-up which is In-stock and ready to ship.

The most recognized rental and school board in the world, seen in shops and beaches in over 80 countries, these boards are praised for their user friendly shapes and extreme durability. 

COCOmat Longboards and Fun Boards. These boards are an easy up-sell for beginning to intermediate surfers. Using the natural strength to weight characteristics of Coconut husk,  this is the lightest and strongest construction in the NSP line. New for 2017 are the red tinted graphics. 

HDT (HI-Def Technology) , is an updated version of the Elements construction. Lighter than the E+ models at a great retail price point. Starting a new line of 5'6" Grom boards, Hybrid shapes, Fish, Fun Shapes to the longboard collection. This is a must have price point for any surf shop.   

The P2 Epoxy Reinforced Soft school line. A full epoxy board covered in crocodile skin soft deck, slick skin bottom, rubber nose and tail bumpers.... These are not your average foamies! New colors, shapes and sizes for 2017.

The PU Heritage series brings traditional PU Surf construction to the NSP line. These are beautifully hand finished and resin tinted with vibrant colors. Australian surf shaper Kym Thomson curated this line up with his most sought after shapes. 


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