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NZ Surfbreak Protection Society inaugural general meet


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New Zealandi Surfbreak Protection Society Inaugural General Meeting

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 August, 2006 : - - In April 2006 a group of surfers got together and decided something needed to be done to bring surfers together to protect the “treasures” of the NZ surfing community - our surfbreaks. Omaha Bar is gone, Whangamata Bar is in court as we speak, while Pakiri stands to loose more of its sand banks, to name just a few of the many breaks under threat, be it from coastal development and/or other environmental impacts. 

A steering committee was formed which set to work developing Objectives, a Constitution and Strategy while at the same time getting in touch with like minded surfers around the country, be it those already active in local campaigns, or those expressing interest in, and concern about, the wellbeing of NZ’s surfbreaks. The response has been amazing and we thank all for their valuable input.  

Following four meetings and extensive consultation, the steering committee is delighted and excited to be able to announce the Inaugural General Meeting to give Surfbreak the official stamp of approval and the mandate to embark on the serious work of preserving our surfbreaks for future generations.  

When: Saturday September 2
Where: Grey Lynn Community Center, Auckland
Also at: Maranui Surf Club Lyall Bay Wellington

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