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NZ Surfing mag celebrates epic yarns of travel

NZ surfing issue 151 rekindles the joy of travel 

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Cory Scott recounts near-death experiences, political strife and Gland toilet paper

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 May, 2013 : - - Rather than rave on about what is in the magazine thought we would let the editorial speak for itself: 'Moulded By Travel' I can still recall my first overseas surfing adventure vividly; it was to Bali in 1991. Prior to this the only info I had managed to gather was a name of somewhere I could find accommodation, there were no such thing as surf reports or the internet. 

I didn’t even have any idea of the shape of the island or where any breaks were, so I departed with the advice from a local old boy that had done many seasons at G-Land “It’s safer to pull in, than pull back”. 

To arrive in this hustle and bustling third world country was definitely a culture shock, yet one I warmed to immediately. Back then things were a lot different than now, in fact you couldn’t even buy toilet paper so I used a Tracks Mag until the last page was left featuring Matt Archbold, I couldn’t do it to Archy so I cut up the sling out of my first aid kit and that got me by for a few more days.

During those first few days, I was ripped off, scammed by cops, got lost trying to find Padang and missed getting splattered by a huge truck by millimetres and ploughed into a food cart on my motorbike, yet I was having the time of my life! On that inaugural trip I extended an extra week and with no money I sold my four blocks of wax and a legrope as there were no surf shops in Bali back then, and this brought me enough plain rice to live the next week; the waves pumped and I met a bunch of local bros who became friends for life.

Since then I have returned to Bali and Indonesia 23 times, each and everyone of these trips has brought something truly magical. Some experiences changed my life; I was nearly killed when attacked by bandits, have seen lives taken through political unrest, become so sick that I was hospitalised in isolation, became stranded on an island full of dinosaurs for nine days, and surfed and photographed the best waves on the planet.

During these adventures friendships have been forged that will live forever, and each and everyone of these experiences made me who I am today. I was addicted to the thrill of travel and adventure. I did ten seasons on the North Shore of Hawaii, came as close to drowning water shooting Himalayas as one could never hope to experience, become star fished on the reef when a Teahupoo west peak detonated on my head in Tahiti, sampled the finest drop of wine I’ve ever had wet my pallet in Portugal for a measly 59 cents a bottle, and was offered a wife, ate chicken satay’s and played pool for one of my life’s all time days with the poorest people in the world in a Manilla slum in the Philippines, where I was warned prior not to visit as I would be be killed for sure.

Travel has taught me not to buy into opinions of others, not to judge without knowledge, to accept other cultures and individuals for whom they are, that it’s not if things will go wrong it’s when and it’s up to you how you deal with it. 

Sometimes there is no right or wrong way, just a way.  For all the world class breaks I have visited, the perfect waves and the classy surfing I have been privileged to witness those were great moments, yet it was the adventures within those adventures that I will remember, as they say getting there is half the fun.

To all of those that I have met throughout the world, all those experiences, you have shaped me and travel moulded me. I am what I am for better or worse from the experience of travel, so turn to page 49 and check out this issues Travel Feature and get moulding.

Yours in surfing - Cory Scott and the Team at New Zealand Surfing Magazine.

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Source: Pacific Media

Author: Steve Dickinson

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Magazine: Surfersvillage


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