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NZ Surfing Magazine captures Cyclone Pam's glory



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NZ Surfing Mag #163 captures majesty of epic storm

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 May, 2015 - Along with the first floods and snow of the year the latest NZ Surf Mag blows into winter to keep you company and amped between those chilled sessions.

Much of the issue is heavily influenced by the epic Cyclone Pam and it starts on the COVER which features Bobby Hansen in a thick Pam drainer.

Bobby has taken up a building apprenticeship so hasn't enjoyed the same water time he's been used to most of his surfing life, yet when Pam showed up he went and pleaded with the new boss for a few days off, considering how irregular these swells do show the boss gave the thumbs up and Bobby was gone, chasing the swell all up and down the coast.

We dedicate a monster photo spread to Pam and couldn't help ourselves using the cheesy line "Wham Bam Thankyou Pam". From the Far North to the deep South and everything in between Pam delivered some of the best waves of our lifetimes.


The Pita Pit Roady chases the first deep southerly system, which swept the first snow of 2015 up the country and a solid south swell which offered a reprieve for a few wave starved East Coast surfers. 

We continue to celebrate our 30th year of NZ Surf Mag focussing on the years 1990-95 and what was hot in the pages of the mag. Featuring a changing of teh guard with groms such as DK, Maz Quinn, and Motu Mataa bursting onto the scene. We also feature the now King but then Prince Kelly Slater's only trip to NZ where he surfed Makorori and Stent Rd. 

With March's fresh snow falling Team Billabong NZ thought it would be a great idea to head as far south as they could, and just so happened to run into their cousins from across the ditch in the form of Rasta and Creed Mctaggart, and together formed a wave chasing alliance joining the yellow eyed penguins and walrus's of the Otago region in a week of "Vicious Chill". 

Several of our top intrepid surfers share their experiences from adventures offshore in our "Travel Feature" it's that time again, when for many obvious reasons you may be looking to simply get away, and here we have several surf holiday suggestions to tempt you.


Plus much more locked inside these pages such as:
Kai Woolfe Rising Grom
Pro Junior Slayer- Eliiot Paerata Reid
Richard Christie taking on the world

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