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Ocean and Earth restructure in Germany and Austria



Industry Updates

Nuno Amado from Surfcloud Portugal takes distribution rights

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 August, 2015 - Ocean and Earth announces the restructure of their distrubtion in Germany and Austria. The new sturtcure will see Nuno Amado from Surfcloud Portugal take the distribution rights for Germnay and Austria. Toby Hammer Products will act as the agent for Surfcloud in these two countries.

While recently in Germany, Ocean and Earth International Manager, Phil Macdonald,stated, “Ocean and Earth has experineced great growth within Europe over the last three years and we look to continue this with a focused approached into the German and Austrian markets. I feel the new structure, with Nuno’s experience of the Ocean and Earth brand and Toby’s knowledge and understanding of the core markets, will be a perfect fit for success in these countries.”

Nuno Amado from Surfcloud has been working with Ocean and Earth in Portugal for over 8years. He has grown the Ocean and Earth brand to be one of the biggest surfhardware brands in Portugal and was awarded the Highest Distributor Growth Award last year from Ocean and Earth .

“I’m super excited to start this new project in Germany and Austria and to try to bring my Ocean and Earth experience to these markets. Our goal is to take Ocean and Earth, within the next three years, to the top in these two countries and become one of the biggest Surf and SUP technical hardware players in both markets.” Nuno Amado also said “In Portugal we are leading the hardware market and I’m sure that the quality and size of the product range, will help establish the brand and above all, show the consumer that when they need surf or SUP products, they must think of Ocean and Earth as the best quality product in the market.”

Toby Hammer added, “With Ocean and Earth we have the best supplier in technical surf and SUP hardware. Ocean and Earth fit perfectly into the range of Hammer Products on offer. To work with Nuno as distributor, is the best Hammer Products could wish for. Nuno totally understands the needs of products for the market in Germany and Austria. We will work super closewith Nuno on fast delivery and perfect service. Our goal is to work hard togrow Ocean and Earth into one of the biggest surf hardware and SUP brands in our market.” 

Ocean and Earth will start showing the 2016 range in Germany and Austria starting this August. 

Tobias Hammer

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