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Dive into the daily life of modern gypsy Ryan Burch




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Ryan Burch in Encinitas for Episode 2 of "4 Cities" series

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 August, 2016 - The lanky goofyfoot from San Diego surfs with a smooth powerful style and his surfing on self-shaped asymetrical boards is simply dazzling. He does an amazing job holding very high, tight lines in a variety of waves, but most impressively on dredging reef pits.

Burch current passion is assymetrical designs which he shapes himself. “Have you ever noticed that when you walk down a hill you have less control than when you walk up?” he said in an interview for Deus ExMachina. “Well that is what an asymmetrical board is all about. You have more control on your front side, on your toes. While on your heelside it’s more brute force.”

Regarding his board-making skills, Ryan describes himself as a designer more than a shaper. He is also a frequent traveller to crown-jewel spots like G-Land and Desert Point.

In this episode 2 of Volcom X What Youth series "4 Cities", you will dive in the daily life of modern gypsy Ryan Burch honed his highly sought-after style and interpretation of surfing and craft riding. See the waves, the shaping bays and the burrito shops that molded one of surfing’s most creative minds and styles.




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