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Ongoing Airline baggage hassles effect surfers


Over the past few months some of the American and South African airlines have decided to restrict the carrying of surfboards as luggage. This has been causing quite a few hassles for travelling surfers and it seems that it is an ongoing problem.

Taylor Knox became a victim of the hassles on his way to the Billabong Pro in Tahiti. Somewhere along the line one of the airlines refused to load his surfboards. He arrived in Tahiti minus his quiver. Luckily the contest didnú‘ start on the first day of the waiting period, as Taylor would have been borrowing boards if he had to compete. Lucky for him by the time that his first heat came around his boards had arrived in Tahiti.
As the tour moves around the planet it seems that more and more airlines are looking at luggage restrictions that will cause major headaches for the WCT and WQS surfers.

The airlines that are placing the restrictions at the moment include United, Continental and South African Airways. Look out for other airlines to follow suit.

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