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Nancy Brown takes over Surfing for Life Foundation

Tom Brown Surfing for Life


Nancy Brown commits to keep the organization running 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 August, 2015 - On June 6 Surfing For Life Foundation founder Tom Brown passed away.  Tom had fought a lengthy battle with cancer and during that fight he had decided to do something about rising rates in cancer among men and women, thus he started the Surfing For Life Foundation and raising money by selling wristbands at surf shops with all proceeds going to cancer-related organizations.
Since his passing his partner Nancy has taken over the organization.

She addresses supporters in the letter below:
As you know - he fought with courage and humor and never lost his positive attitude and zest for life.  He was out on his board and riding his bike - always mindful that it might be his last best day.  He said he’d go out fighting – and he did. 

The surfing community was his brotherhood.  His earliest and most joyful memories were spent on a board.  So he turned his focus to this community of friends when he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Tom was passionate about cancer prevention.  During his own journey he learned many things about cancer.  He made it his cause to share his knowledge with others.  He wanted to promote a healthier lifestyle and a positive attitude. 

Tom didn't preach.  He learned that cancer is increasing in men age 20 to 45, and women in the same age group are not far behind.  Is it diet, environment, lifestyle?  A disregard of annual check-ups and exams?  Tom’s was only one small voice - but armed with his wristband "reminders" - he set out to spread the word about cancer prevention.
You welcomed Tom into your businesses, your homes, and your hearts.  You supported his mission on Facebook - you wore the SFL wristband.  Many of you told him that he convinced you to get an annual exam. Hundreds of you told him he inspired you and gave you hope.  Those victories carried Tom through many grueling surgeries and chemo treatments.  He wanted you to surf for life - a long healthy life.

So I promised Tom the Surfing for Life Foundation will continue in his memory.  His spirit is in every wristband.
Please call, text or e-mail me.  I would love to hand-deliver or mail wristbands to you.  Surfing for Life Foundation's second quarter donations hit an all-time high. Thank you for honoring Tom so generously.  I will post contributions and distributions soon on FB.

And most important – please e-mail photos wearing your wristbands.  Think of Tom grinning proudly amongst you.
Let’s continue to kick cancer’s %#$@


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