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Oregon BWWT event now 'The Seatka Pro'

Greg Long © Brian Overfelt



The Seatka Pro

Big Wave World Tour
Nelscott Reef, Oregon USA
1 November 2013 - 31 March 2014

The Seatka Pro offers women's big wave event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 January, 2014 - The 2013 Seatka Pro is proud to host the top seeds from the Big Wave World Tour and welcome the 4 regional/local surfers.  The lineup is subject to change based on whether or not another Big Wave World Tour event is held prior to ours. As of right now, here is the lineup.  Please check the Big Wave World Tour standings for updates as well as surfer profiles.

The Women's event is the first on the Big Wave World Tour, with hopefully many more to come in the future.

Greg Long
Jamie Sterling
Peter Mel
Carlos Burle
Ken Collins
Gabriel Villaran
Zach Wormhoudt
Ben Wilkinson
Joao de Macedo
Ramon Navarro
Jeff Rowley
Alex Martins

Mark Healey
Kohl Christensen
Shawn Dollar
Grant Baker
Alex Gray
Nic Lamb
Aaron Ungerleider
Jose Gomez

Marcos Monteiro
Will Skudin
Frank Solomon
Grant Washburn
Chad Jackson
Nathan Fletcher
Ryan Augenstein

Keith Galbrath
Jeremy Rasmussen
Tony Perez
George DeSoto

Eric Akiskalian
Ryan Heim

Keala Kennelly
Mercedes Maidana
Wrenna Delgado
Savannah Shaughnessy
Paige Alms
Jamilah Star
Bianca Vallenti
Sarah Gearhart
Silvia Nabuco
Anastasia Ashley
Easkey Britton

The Seatka Pro is a big wave surf event, held in Lincoln City, OR. The event brings 24 of the best pro surfers to Oregon to compete for a $50,000 purse. 4 Spots are reserved for local surf talent and having intimate knowledge of the reef gives them a hometown advantage. We will also be featuring a Women's event, the first for the Big Wave World Tour.

Like all of the events on the Big Wave World Tour, the Seatka Pro operates with a season long holding period, during which we are looking for conditions that occur only a few times a year. Once we see a potential swell, we will go to orange status, as we monitor the development of the system. If the event is called, we will give a 3 day notice.

Seatka Pro, Nelscott Reef, BWWT
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