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Oregon surfer wins alternative Nelscott Reef event

Nelscott Reef © Eric Akiskalian



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Jeremy Rasmussen wins Nelscott Reef Uninvitational Open

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 January, 2014 - Surfer Jeremy Rasmussen of Lincoln City, Ore., took first in the Lay Down Division and Ian Wallace won the Stand-up Paddleboard Division at the Nelscott Reef Uninvitational Open on Sunday at the remote Oregon break of Nelscott Reef.

Twelve surfers plus four teams were out on the water for four hours and were treated with 20 to 25-foot waves, according to contest organizer John Forse. "They all worked it out," Forse said.
Each surfer had a minimum of one and a half hours in the water, Forse said.

Local surfers who competed include Ed Guzman, Colin Brown and Randy Reyes. Each paid a $300 entry fee. Paul Wetterau took second in the Lay Down Division and Mike Kotowski of Humboldt was third.

Santa Cruz's Guzman took second in the SUP Division and Wade Lawson of Los Angeles placed third. The Uninvitational offered a $5,000 payout. That included a $1,000 prize for the ride of the day, which was shared by Rasmussen and Kotowski, and $500 prizes in a variety of categories.

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