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A Pacific Northwest surfing adventure for women only

Surf-Camp fuels up for a day of surfing
photo courtesy Lost Coast Adventures

A Pacific Northwest Surfing Adventure For Women Only.

Port Angeles, WA. - April 15th, 2002 -

Lost Coast Adventures, Washington State´s all ages surf camp provider is offering a unique surf camp schedule for women only this summer. Located on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula Coast at La push, students can learn to catch waves in an all-inclusive 5 night camp.

Campers are provided healthy meals, equipment, professional instruction and housing located right on the ocean. The camp is designed to provide an array of surfing information and skill building, geared to promote the essential basic´s required in learning to surf proficiently. These basic´s include such fundamentals as: ocean safety, marine weather, equipment, proper paddling techniques, duck diving, environmental concerns, surfing etiquette and most importantly, the art of catching waves.

Owner, Travis Moegling say´s, "Our Women Only summer surf camps provide a safe and comfortable session where women, regardless of their age or background, can experience the adventure and challenge of an alluring ancient sport."

Portions of the Washington State coastline offer world class waves, that are suited perfectly for the beginner. Water temperatures vary in the summer months from 60 degree´s on up, depending on the direction of major ocean currents. Advances in wetsuit technology make it possible to learn how to surf, virtually anywhere in the world that has a coastline. There are instances where surfers can be seen without wetsuits, surfing throughout Washington and Oregon, when offshore Japanese currents near the coast.

Moegling continues, saying; "The tides have really changed within the sport of surfing. Women, have finally realized this sport is not just for men, inspiring a substantial movement in which their participation is growing almost exponentially. We offer camps, where women as well as young girls can learn in an environment free of male disturbance. It´s an adventure that promotes freedom, courage and leaves the student with a real sense of accomplishment."

Included in every surf camp session is the Endless Summer Surf Surfari . Students travel locally via Lost Coast Adventures surfari van, to other nearby beaches on the Olympic Peninsula in search of the perfect wave, often found in coastal wilderness reserves or National Park areas.

Lost Coast Adventures, offers a day school that operates seven days a week from June 1st through October 1st, and is open to everyone. These camps provide students of all ages, a three hour introduction to the sport and includes all the needed equipment. (wetsuit, booties, gloves and surfboard) Private and group instruction are also available. The rates per person for the overnight camp is $800.00 and $125.00 for day camp. Other camps include all ages, kid´s only, family and corporate.

For more information on Washington State´s only all ages summer surf camp, refer online to ,
e-mail - or
phone 360.808.8123

Interview Contact: Travis Moegling

Telephone: 360.808.8123


Lost Coast Adventures

360 West Alder St.

Sequim, Wa 98382

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