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The Paddlers win the OzForex SurfAid Cup

The Paddlers win the OzForex SurfAid Cup
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Sixteen corporate teams have raised $140,000 in the OzForex SurfAid Cup

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 November, 2014 - Sixteen corporate teams have raised $140,000 in the OzForex SurfAid Cup, and The Paddlers have won the surfing contest in good 3-4 foot waves at South Curl Curl, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

By raising $24,000, Aquabumps won the fundraising trophy and they picked number one seed Owen Wright as their pro to join their tag-team.

Aquabumps team captain, Eugene Tan, said he and his fellow team members Paul Borrud, Tyson Millar and Matt Griggs were stoked to be a part of the OzForex SurfAid Cup. 


“It's our big fundraiser for the year so we put a lot into it and we are proud to have raised $24,000 for such a worthy cause,” Tan said. “We want to help the people of the Mentawai Islands, where we all travel each year.”

The Heavyweights - corporate surfers from Citi and Westpac - came second in the fundraising, with $14,000, while Perpetual were third with $12,500.

The Paddlers – comprising a team of championship paddlers who are also good surfers – scored a down-to-the-wire victory over Aquabumps, Allan Hall and defending champions, the Surfing Lawyers. A south groundswell kicked in for the final, as forecast by Coastalwatch Chief Wave Scanner Ben Macartney, and the push allowed for some brilliant, cutting-edge surfing.

The Paddlers were first-time entries into the SurfAid Cup and captain Jackson English, Brad Gaul, Nigel Tebb and Daniel Shade picked former world tour surfer Matt Bemrose as their pro/coach.

“Between Nigel, Daniel, Brad and myself we have all won state, Australian, world and Molokai paddleboard championships and we picked the ‘King of Curly’ in Matt,” English said.

“For a bunch of 30 and 40-somethings it was like we were little grommets cheering each other on with each wave ridden. More importantly, we were able to use our love of surfing and the Mentawais to raise more funds and awareness for SurfAid.” – Jackson English

Bemrose put in phenomenal performances all day and he nailed the final with 20.57 points, including an initial ride of 8.87 for a vertical backhand attack at full speed.

The Paddlers finished in the beach gates first for a bonus four points and they won with 59.13. Aquabumps were second on 52.77, Allan Hall third on 47.70 (with Queenscliff star Ben Hamilton) and the Surfing Lawyers (with Luke Stedman on their team) fourth on 44.53.

“To be involved in the SurfAid Cup with a bunch of great mates and eventually win the whole event was icing on the cake to an unforgettable day,” English, a teacher in Singapore who hails from Avoca Beach on the NSW Central Coast, said. 

“For a bunch of 30 and 40-somethings it was like we were little grommets cheering each other on with each wave ridden. More importantly, we were able to use our love of surfing and the Mentawais to raise more funds and awareness for SurfAid. There is more in all of us than we think and everything we do, no matter how big or small, should be to help those who really need it,” he said.

The CEO of OzForex, Neil Helm, said OzForex was proud to be the lead sponsor for the SurfAid Cup for the second year in a row. 

“The support from the corporate world and the ‘professionals’ was incredible and Mother Nature also cooperated, especially late in the day when a new swell kicked in,” Helm said.

“The SurfAid team did an awesome job again and the final was a fitting end to a fantastic day and it felt like a real surf event given the quality of surf and surfers. The vibe over drinks at Manly Wine afterwards was amazing and we all felt privileged to play a small role in the work that SurfAid does in improving the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in the Mentawai Islands, Nias, Sumbawa and Sumba,” he said.

SurfAid Australia board member Charlie Lanchester, who surfed on Team Perpetual, said he would like to thank all the companies, family, friends and colleagues who have helped SurfAid raise $320,000 in two years through the OzForex SurfAid Cup.

“And I would like to also thank the past and present surfing pros and celebrities who turned up on the day to give their support. It is incredible to surf with or compete against these guys,” Lanchester said. 

The inaugural Fitness Challenge, presented by Fit2Surf, was also held on the day and was won by Bennelong Boardriders, with Duck’n’Divers second and BlackRock third.

Sam Oaks, from Allan Hall, won the Best Wipeout Award for a bingle in the shorebreak that nearly took out his ankle.

The 16 pro/legends who competed were: ASP World Tour #12, Owen Wright, ASP world champions Tom Carroll and Barton Lynch, Matt Bemrose, Rob Bain, Matt Hoy, Richie Lovett, Toby Martin, former top NRL footballer Mark Gasnier, Channel 7's Denham Hitchcock, lifeguard Ryan 'Whippet' Clark, Luke Stedman, Jordy Lawler, Ben Hamilton, Dayyan Neve and Beau Mitchell.

Fundraising companies who competed were: Aquabumps ($24,000), The Heavyweights ($14,099), Perpetual ($12,522), Boston Consulting Group ($12,196), Bennelong Boardriders (11,581), BlackRock ($10,942), The Paddlers, Duck’n’Divers, NRMAtes, ToyBell, Ikon Communications, Allan Hall, Nosecraft, Surfing Lawyers, OzForex and Chrofi. 


Top 6 Fundraising ($140,000 raised):
1st Aquabumps $24,000
2nd The Heavyweights $14,099
3rd Perpetual $12,522
4th Boston Consulting Group $12,196
5th Bennelong Boardriders $11,581
6th BlackRock $10,942

OzForex SurfAid Cup Placings:
1st The Paddlers (59.13)
2nd Aquabumps (52.77) 
3rd Allan Hall Business Advisors (47.70)
4th Surfing Lawyers (44.53)
Equal 5th: Nosecraft, Icon Communications
Equal 7th: Chrofi, The Heavyweights
Equal 9th: Duck’n’Divers, Bennelong Boardriders, BlackRock, ToyBell
Equal 13th NRMAtes, Perpetual, Boston Consulting Group, OzForex

Fitness Challenge presented by Fit2Surf
1st Bennelong Boardriders
2nd Duck’n’Divers
3rd BlackRock
4th OzForex
5th Boston Consulting


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