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Paige Hareb discusses the new ASP & Snapper Rocks

Paige Hareb at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast



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Paige's Page: Kiwi pro shares Snapper Rock insights

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 March, 2014 - First setting my eyes on the Snapper contest area, I could tell that the new ASP was really here! The new set up of the buildings and infrastructure made the previous Snapper contests look like a small, local club contest.

This was the real deal and everybody new it although the vibe still felt wary and anxious before day one started.
With the council approved sand pumped bank to almost perfection and 3-4ft waves around, there was no surprise that the comp was kicked straight into action on day one. Surprisingly the women were sent out first. No, really, I was actually surprised because the waves were good and super fun.


In the past years I think it's fair to say that the women didn't get treated the same as the men and with combined events, if the men didn't want to surf, we were sent out there. So a huge thanks to ASP for sending us women out in fun surf and letting us showcase what we really can do given the chance. We did too!

With excellent scores in nearly every heat and some of the highest heat scores of the entire event! It makes it that much sweeter when you hear one of the men's Dad's say "I can't believe they put the girls out".
As for my heat, a bit of an ANZAC one, I was pretty darn happy, beating Sally Fitzgibbons and Laura Enever, to skip round two, something I never did all last year and heading straight into round three.

I think I was still on too much of a high and had a complete shocker in round three against Stephanie Gilmore and Courtney Conologue, both in-form surfers of the whole event.

Getting it together again for round four against Malia Manuel, I felt good, strong and ready to win. I can blame it on the waves all I like but at the end of the day I only needed a 6.5 which I should of gotten in my sleep.

Malia only had a 7.8 and a three leaving the door wide open for me for the remaining 20 minutes of the heat. No matter how hard I tried or what wave I picked I just couldn't find the right sections to do the turns I needed to do to get the right score.

Definitely a frustrating way to exit the comp. Overall though, it's been such a great time here with an awesome insight to what the rest of this year is going to look like. It won't just be Snapper Rocks rocking, the whole year is going to be rocking! Look out!!

Paige Hareb

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