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Papa New Guinea surfers learn ancient board craft

Bush knife foiled rails © 7 News



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Surfers in papa New Guinea learn traditional Hawaiian board building

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 April, 2015 - Papa New Guinea - Australia's 7 News reports today that a group of surfers in Papa New Gunea are revisiting the craft of ancient Hawaiian surfboard building, crafting surfboards out of native timber. 

The surfers have been building boards out of a studio in the Madang province, sourcing balsa wood from the surrounding area and shaping the large boards using fairly primitive tools: axes, machetes, and other hand tools. 

Members of Papa New Guinea's Tupira Surf Club learned how to build traditional Alaias, and reportedly enjoyed testing out the heavy timber boards in the local waves. 

"It enables [local surfers] to capitalise on the balsa wood timber that's in abundance in the jungles of Papua New Guinea," PNG Surfing Association president Andrew Abel told 7 News, "That they can use to surf but also sell to tourists and raise money for their respective families."

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