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Patagonia commits further to neoprene-free wetsuits





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Patagonia launches an entire line of fullsuits made with Yulex natural rubber

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 August, 2016 - Patagonia introduces the world’s first neoprene-free wetsuits, made with natural rubber derived from sources which are Forest Stewardship Council certified by the Rainforest Alliance. 

Patagonia’s entire line of fullsuits is now made with Yulex natural rubber. By adopting natural rubber in all of our Men’s, Women’s and Kids’ fullsuits, we’re leading the way to a cleaner future for the surf industry. 

Neoprene-free Yulex wetsuits feature 85% natural rubber by polymer content, replacing a petroleum-based material with a plant-based one for significantly reduced CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process. We blend it with 15% synthetic rubber polymer for increased ozone and UV resistance to meet our rigorous demands for durability and strength.

Wetsuits features Fast-Drying Thermal Linings Our new and exclusive inverted microgrid linings dry faster than ever and create lighter suits while maintaining excellent warmth. Exterior and interior linings incorporate the highest possible recycled polyester content while meeting our demands for performance and durability

Floating front-zip design increases wetsuit lifespan and features an asymmetrical flap for better stretch, seal and mobility. Unlike other designs, the zipper is replaceable. 

Surfers have been relying on neoprene since the ’50s, but it’s a non-renewable material with an energy-intensive manufacturing process. Now we’ve finally found a way to make it a thing of the past. For the last eight years, Patagonia has been pioneering and proving the use of natural rubber in wetsuits—and sharing our groundbreaking R&D work with the competition to help the industry shift to cleaner and better materials.

This season marks our biggest leap yet. By introducing the world’s first neoprene-free wetsuits, we’re reducing the CO2 emitted in the polymer manufacturing process by up to ~70% compared to conventional neoprene.

It’s a radical change that’s giving surfers a chance to choose plants over petroleum and renewables over non-renewables. And by inspiring and implementing solutions to the environmental crisis, it’s a mission-driven initiative that embodies our purpose as a company. After 60 years of neoprene dependency, it’s high time to set surfing free. 

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