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Patagonia PSI (Personal Surf Inflation) Vest


Collaborating with many of the world’s best big wave surfers, we developed the PSI (Personal Surf Inflation) Vest to help increase safety in heavy surf. The vest supports multiple rapid inflations and features a dump valve for quick deflation in the water. We received a U.S. patent for its innovative technology in 2014.

1. Inflation Bladder
2. Manual Inflator (4 units)
3. Trigger Arm (4)
4. Trigger Cord (2 front/2 back, attached over shoulders)
5. Pull Handle (2 on vest)
6. Pull Handle Snap (2 on wetsuit)
7. Dump Valve
8. Dump Valve Pull Cord
9. Dump Handle Exit Hole (on wetsuit)
10. Dump Valve T-Handle (on vest)
11. Reinforcement Tab (4)
12. Front Shock Cord
13. Rear Shock Cord
14. Standard 3⁄8" Thread CO2 Canister (4)*
15. Front CO2 Canister Holder (2)
16. Rear CO2 Canister Holder (2)

*Four 25g-fill CO2 canisters required



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