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Latin American circuit event #5 hits Peru

Joaquín del Castillo © ALAS/Sotillo Jr.
Joaquín del Castillo © ALAS/Sotillo Jr.



Latinoamericano de Surf 2014 Talara land of waves

Playa La Brea, Negritos, Peru 
4 to 7 September

Talara Peru looks to develop surfing in support of the youth  

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 August, 2014 - Peruvian Mayor Jacinto Timaná of Talara welcomes the best surfers in Latin America to compete in the waves of La Brea. The town of Talara is in the jurisdiction of Negritos and is the home of the fifth stage for the Latin American surfing circuit. The contest dates are scheduled for 4 - 7 September in an unprecedented step for the town and for the continent.

"It's a historic event and motivates us to work for developing sports for the  youth. This event in Talara will make it not only recognized as an oil town but also a tourist city with the best waves in Peru. We hope visitors come with enthusiasm and enjoy our great food and our perfect waves," said Mayor Timaná the press department of the Latinoamericano Association of Surfing Professionals (ALAS).



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