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Peter Mel crowned Mavericks champion

Zach Wormhoudt & Peter Mel (white jersey) © Mavericks Invitational

Mavericks Invitational

Big Wave World Tour
Mavericks, Half Moon Bay California
9 November - 31 March 2012

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Under new ownership, the event runs for first time in three years

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 January, 2013 : - - Peter Mel, current Big Wave World Tour Champion, and perennial standout for nearly two decades at the famed Northern California big wave spot, finally captured his first ever Mavericks win.
“Mavericks has been a big part of my life.  I am so happy to have been able to do this for so many years.  It is a blessing and an honor to be called a Mavericks Champion.  I will hold this close to my heart forever.  I want to especially thank all the competitors and organizers for making this event such a success.”  Peter Mel, BWWT Champion and Mavericks Invitational Champion 2012-2013.
Although the waves were not as big as they could have been, they did meet the wave height criteria of the Big Wave World Tour and the conditions allowed for a spectacular event.  As in any competition, home court knowledge becomes an advantage.  If you take a look at the list of the finalists, its no surprise that the majority of them are out in the line-up nearly every time Mavericks breaks.
Providing a greater source for delivery to a larger audience of big wave surfing was a main goal of Mavericks Invitational and the BWWT.  The sold out Mavericks Festival, had MCs vocalizing the live action, a huge jumbotron for viewing as well as live bands, food and a Sierra Nevada Brewing beer garden. Finalists were awarded on the stage culminating an outstanding day of competitive big wave surfing.

                                            Peter Mel © Howlett/Mavericks Invt'l

“It was so great to have this sunny perfect day for people to come and enjoy what Mavericks, and the athletes that ride the wave, have to offer.  I am thankful for everyone that worked so hard to put this on within Mavericks Invitational and the Big Wave World Tour.

After the event the camaraderie amongst the athletes, the working organizations, and the general public was incredible. All the good vibes and appreciation from everyone made all the hard work worthwhile.   I look forward to what the future holds for the sport of big wave riding.”  Brian Overfelt, Mavericks Invitational, Board of Directors
A unique aspect of this year’s event was the infamous Mavericks left. Seldom ridden in competition, it was exploited as the competitors took full advantage of its scoring potential.
Three alternates gained entrance into the event (Tyler Fox, Josh Loya & Colin Dwyer.)  The most successful, Tyler Fox, advanced to the Semi Finals, which has traditionally been the key to receiving an invite to the following year’s event. One of the goals of the BWWT is growing the big wave culture by allowing up-and-coming surfers a chance to showcase their talents to the world in a competitive format. 

                                 Shawn Dollar and Big Ben Wilkinson © AP

“As an alternate I was overjoyed to get a shot at surfing in the event and to make it into the semi finals was that much sweeter.” Tyler Fox

As the finals came to a close the surfers gathered together and decided to distribute the $50,000 prize purse equally, yet another example of the close bond that resonates so strongly throughout the big wave surfing experience.

“Pristine conditions for the final provided an opportunity for current BWWT Champion, Peter Mel, to maximize the Mavericks surfing experience with near perfect scores going both right and left, perhaps the most challenging of the day.” Gary Linden..

Although the San Francisco 49ers NFC Championship game took place during the Mavericks action, thousands descended on Half Moon Bay to catch a glimpse of the surfers. For the only views of the waves, spectators could attend the Mavericks Festival at the Oceano Hotel & Spa in Princeton Harbor. The festival featured a JumboTron with live commentary and video of the surfers, as well as food trucks and beer gardens.

Final Results:
1st Peter Mel
2nd Zach Wormhoudt
3rd Greg Long
4th Alex Martins
5th Mark Healey
6th Shawn Dollar


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