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Phil’s Blog # 1 – Quiksilver Gold Coast

Dane Reynorld Quiksilver Pro : photo Phil Perez/Quiksilver

Surf, Sun and Social Networking

Phil’s Blog # 1 – Quiksilver Gold Coast

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 February, 2012 : - - With the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast underway, Quiksilver would like to introduce you to Phil Perez our guest blogger during the event. Phil won his job as the Quiksilver Pro’s official blogger after our “Surf, Sun and Social Networking” competition with Tourism Australia.

After traveling to the Gold Coast from Florida, Phil will use his background as a photographer and passion for surfing to document the highlights of the Gold Coast event. After his adventure in Queensland, Phil will continue south down the coast for some relaxation and more surfing in Byron Bay.

Without further ado, here is Phil’s first post…



Dane Reynorld : photo Phil Perez/Quiksilver



What a rad couple days!  I’m sttill tripping on rubbing elbows with all the guys I’ve seen in the mags since I was a kid!  Anyways, the girls were on this morning and they were killing it!  And they’re all gorgeous!  Unfortunately, I’m missing the beginning of the men’s comp, but it looks like I’ll be watching it from the air as I’m getting ready to go up in a helicopter to “sight-see”. 

More like I’m gonna tell the pilot to hover right over the contest and try to get some low tide behind-the-rock barrel shots from the air!  So far, the best surfing I’ve gotten to photograph was Dane from a boat on a pointbreak in El Salvador while I was sitting right next to the guy that got him on the cover of Surfing Magazine, William Sharp.  That was a great session, and I paddled out to join them after an hour or so and I got a couple myself.

Check back for more at Phil's Blog

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Author: Taylor Cotton

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