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Phix Doctor ding repair kits enter European market


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Extremehorizon Surf Distribution brings Phix Doctor ding repair kits to Europe

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 January, 2011 : - - Extremehorizon Ltd are pleased to announce their latest distribution agreement launching Phix Doctor Ding Repair Kits into the European market place. Extremehorizon Ltd have a distribution network of 12 Euro territories including the UK.

Extremehorizon spokesman said of the agreement “Ding Repair kits haven't changed much in the past few years which is why Phix Doctor is such an exiting brand as they've shaken up the Ding Repair market with a whole new approach.

Their product line is more environmentally aware with less packaging, the products have a longer shelf life and a great deal of thought and creativity has gone into the design to produce some truly unique, interesting and functional products. Phix Doctor is a perfect fit with what we are striving to achieve at Extremehorizon and we are stoked to be working with them”

First introduced to surf shops around Hawaii, Japan and California in 1983 PhixDoctor has since evolved to bring us fiberglass Repair Systems closer to the environmentally conscious sport they are an essential part of.

Reduce, Repair, Re-use is the mantra of this new line of repair kits. Form and function take the stage in the form of flex pack packaging. Compared to rigid plastic bottles or metal tubes flex pack technology reduces CO2 emissions by 85% and landfill space by up 90%. Phix Doctor delivers the most environmentally responsible packaging available today.

The PhixDoctor range includes all of the essential kits for PU and epoxy surfboard repairs, both with standard and UV resin options, but they also include two lines which are unique to the market place. The Soy ding repair kit includes both Soy and Peanut oil in the mix along with Bamboo “Fibre glass” cloth, making it the only eco friendly kit available anywhere.

The Micro-kit is a one fix mini-kit, which uses UV resin and includes a repair patch and sandpaper whilst remaining waterproof and small enough to pop into boardshorts or a wetsuit for on the go repairs.

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